Tips for Making a Great Travel Video With Ease

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Tips for Making a Great Travel Video With Ease

The world is increasingly growing more explorative and inquisitive of the world. This has reflected onto the online social media trends as well. Travel videos are one of the most popular genres of video today. And with the rate technology is evolving, it seems that it will keep growing.

Nowadays, anyone with little to no budget could make aesthetic travel videos. The pocket-sized high-quality cameras of almost everyone has made filming travel videos especially convenient. However, to further enhance the quality of your videos and become one of the top travel video creators, follow these simple tips:

Tips for Making a Great Travel Video With Ease

Watch Travel Videos

This is one of the most useful tips we will give you today. People think this tip is obvious, yet it is often overlooked due to its “obviousness”. Hence, we emphasize this tip. Many believe that this tip does not do much or they have watched enough videos to understand what to do. Believe us, even the best travel video creators constantly watch travel videos.

Watching travel videos will allow your creative mind to run wild. You can utilize or get inspired by the trendy effects and music on your videos. Watching other creators use their unique methods to maximize engagement can help you come up with ideas as well! Watching the aspects of the travelling trip they emphasize will let you gauge what this niche audience wants to see. You can even stay in touch with the latest trends in travel videos. Creating videos using these crucial points will push the engagement of your video.

Create a Blueprint before Filming

Travelling to new places can be exciting. There will be various facts, tourist spots, foods, art, music, and other cultural information that you will want to share with your viewers. However, sharing too much information in a disorganized manner can disengage and overwhelm your audience. It is important to ensure your viewers can relax when watching your videos.

To avoid overburdening viewers with new pieces of information, sketch a map of the video you will create. Highlight and mention interesting parts of the travel you had planned. This requires extensive research of the spot you’re travelling to beforehand. Learn and ask in forums about the most interesting spots and facts about the places you have planned to go. This is especially vital for educational travel videos. You will also gain a sense of the direction of your video, which will clear up any awkwardness or confusion when talking to your viewers.


Creating amazing travel videos is not the easiest thing to do, even though it may be fun. This is because while having fun, you must be mindful of filming enough content. Many incidents have occurred where creators end up having inadequate amounts of footage to edit. This would not have been a problem for most other videos. However, generally, the travelling trips taken are one-time trips. This becomes challenging and daunting for creators.

Be Mindful of Filming Enough Content for Your Travel Video
Be Mindful of Filming Enough Content for Your Travel Video

When filming the raw footage, one must ensure that they film as much as possible. Even if you think that some things are redundant, it is best to record them. Having excess footage is better than having less. One can simply omit the unwanted footage during the editing process. This is now going to be our next point.

Let’s Get Editing!

Editing is perhaps the most underappreciated part of the video creating process. Common consumers do not realize how editing enhances the overall quality of the video. Editing can make or break the entire flow of the video. Every video creator knows the importance of video editing. Editing entails special effects, colorful and attractive transitions, aesthetic background music, and leaving out unnecessary parts of the video.

To have the best editing experience and result, add special effects to jazz up your video. You can add colorful transitions and music to enhance the likability of your video. Not adding these features will disengage the audience from your video. This will result in viewer loss. Since you have followed our previous tip on filming, use a video trimmer to cut off bits of the footage. Failing to do so will unnecessarily elongate the video. Take your time with editing, especially if you are a beginner.

Video Trimmer
Video Trimmer


Receiving constructive criticism from viewers is extremely important and necessary for exponential growth. Depending on your target audience, connect with people in that range. Send the first draft of your video to them. Ask them to give feedback on the video. It will allow you to understand what the audience wants from your video. Some of the criticism will help you create videos in the future as well.

We suggest creating a spreadsheet and recording all of the constructive criticism on it. Every time before filming or when editing, go back to this sheet. It will help you in-build some of the needed editing or filming techniques. You may even opt for asking for feedback from close friends and family, even if not a part of the target group. They are generally more critical of your videos and will point out small things that most won’t even notice. However, small things matter.

Looking to make videography friends from forums or online platforms will be useful for your journey. You can share your videos with them. They can give you useful pointers and solutions to your problems as well. They may even recommend editing applications that have worked well for them. This will tremendously boost your improvement.


Travel videos are one of the most highly viewed videos on YouTube, the biggest video sharing platform today. Everyone wants to learn more about different cultures. Under the travelling niche, there are many sub-niches you can pick from as well. Since travelling is a large niche, it is recommended you zone in on these sub-niches. You can be focused entirely on food, historical monuments, art, language, or other cultural niches. This will allow you to navigate your channel through the competition more easily.

These simple tips are sure to dramatically improve the quality of your travelling videos. Ensure you implement these in each of your videos from now on to see the long-term success of your videos.


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