ALDO Flex: The Most Comfortable & Flexible Fit

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ALDO Flex - The Most Comfortable and Flexible Fit

ALDO is the destination for shoes that delivers on Style + Comfort through technology, first-mover innovation and functional features that never compromise on design. ALDO Flex helps you step effortlessly with confidence in every occasion. Flex your best, get ready to slip into all-new innovative shoes that will give you the energy to dominate the day!


What if our feet didn’t have to bear the brunt of all the hard work? The word comfort doesn’t often find itself associated with the traditional footwear. Rigid construction and stiff soles have left us here in ALDO wondering, how can we do better? They told their scientists, engineers and designers they wanted to have footwear that would not only make them look great but feel great too. The result? The new innovated design in their ALDO Flex, prepared to give us a pep in our step with enough comfort, flexibility and never short of style.

ALDO believes that style and comfort are two sides of the same coin. Technology and trends have evolved a lot since they first started in 1972; however, they’ve never lost sight of their vision. Today, they’re incorporating the latest advances in construction and design into both modern and classic styles that look and feel just as good in the boardroom as they do in the backyard (and everywhere in between).

They’re committed to pushing the boundaries of both form and function, because they think shoes should be more than mere accessories. They should be our everyday trusted allies! Engineered to move, get a grip with their latest styles in ALDO Flex.

Flex Your Best

Meet our most comfortable and flexible fit yet. Designed with flex technology for superior comfort and increased foot control, this ultra-flexible edit is engineered to move. Get ready to slip into the all-new innovative shoes that will give you the energy to dominate the day.

Pep In Your Step

We have to put our best foot forward – but sometimes our footwear just can’t hack it. They say if the shoe fits, wear it. But can’t our shoes do more? We asked our designers and engineers to create a shoe that would not only make us look great but feel great too.

The result? ALDO Flex. Shoes prepared to give us a pep in our step and enough comfort and flexibility that works for us for the long haul.

Aldo Flex Women
Aldo Flex Women

Don’t get caught slipping

Hardwood, concrete, marble and more. The world is a slippery mess waiting to happen. Since we can’t change the weather, ALDO did the next best thing. Their ALDO Flex shoes feature pod on the forefoot that makes sure you don’t go from walking tall to dropping it like it’s hot.

Put Your Foot Down

Their team of engineers and designers went to great lengths to understand what it takes to make a shoe that is all-day comfortable. They started by analyzing their own feet and creating a shoe around it.

Taking note the areas where our feet bend the most, they redesigned their soles with more flex in these areas. The end result is a shoe that has more natural motion than the rest.

Bottoms Up

In rethinking the engineering, the team started with the soul of the shoe first… the soul. Unlike the traditional slippery leather bases with hard rubber heels, each ALDO Flex features a natural non-slip sole. This means you’ll never be caught slipping and every step feels like walking on a cloud.

Aldo Flex Men
Aldo Flex Men

Less Funky Business

Feet sweat and since they can’t change our feet, they changed our shoes. They created a midsole that wouldn’t make our feet smell like a foot. Antibacterial foam was used to create an environment that doesn’t allow sweat to be converted to funk. Taking it one step further, active charcoal foam with odor control in the upper and ventilation perforations ensure our feet feel fresher than when they began their day.

ALDO Flex is now available in-stores and online


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