Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying Your Pieces of Jewelry

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Common Mistakes When Buying Jewelry
Men most often give jewelry to girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and other important women in their lives. Ladies can also choose to give this gift to mothers and sisters, while their significant others are less likely to get jewelry as a gift.

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While ladies have a little more experience buying jewelry, it is quite a daunting task for men. Whoever you want to give this precious gift to, take some time before buying to research. The purchase shouldn’t be hasty, because you run the risk of being scammed, and you can make a mistake in your choice.

Know the Style

It should be your first step in finding the perfect piece of jewelry for a loved one. If you make a good start, it can save you the time spent visiting jewelers that don’t have what you want. Or worse, to buy something that the person you intended the gift will never wear.

Although there are many styles, there is no reason to panic. It would help if you have an eye for details and pay attention to the jewelry a person is already wearing. You don’t have to be a top connoisseur of fashion accessories, but keep an eye on some general things.

For example, see what pieces of jewelry that person prefers. Some ladies have many rings and bracelets, while others like to wear different earrings on different occasions. That way, you will find out which piece to take into consideration. Don’t buy, for example, a bracelet to a person who has never worn this piece of jewelry.

Colors and Gems

Observe the color of the jewelry they wear. Is it yellow, white, or some colored gold? Some ladies like discreet pieces, while some like to show off with sparkly things. When buying jewelry, personal preferences should be excluded, because what you like may not match the style of the person you are buying a gift.

Be sure to pay attention to whether that person likes stones or wears only clear-lined gold pieces. See if there are diamonds or other gems on their rings or earrings. If you don’t know which precious stone it is, just remember the color.

Internet Is Your Friend

After the first step, you will have a rough idea of what kind of jewelry you want to buy. Now is the time for online research. Take your time to learn something about gold and gems. You can find a lot of information on the Internet, even if you type some search parameters that are not professional.

For example, you typed a ‘red stone ring’ into your search. You will get a lot of models as results, among which you will surely see something that may seem like the right choice. You will also learn the name of that ‘red stone.’

At the same time, you can find out what to look for when buying a gemstone. It can be a pretty tricky part, and if you don’t know at least some basic things, you can overpay some piece of jewelry or buy an imitation.

Learn about 4 C’s

If you want to buy your jewelry with a precious stone to a close person, you have set yourself a difficult task. But it’s not impossible. In order to fulfill it as well as possible, it is necessary to go shopping with some prior knowledge so that dealers can’t squeeze extra money out of you.

Each gemstone has characteristics that help determine its price. The dimensions of the stone don’t play a big role. Carat, cut, color, and clarity are much more critical. Combining the last two parameters has the most significant impact on the formation of the gem price.

The difference in price between the diamonds of two different grades can be huge without actually having differences in purity and color visible to the naked eye. Unless you’re a collector, you don’t have to look for a perfectly clean stone. The same goes for color and blur that are not noticeable without a magnifier. In this website, you can find out about clarity grades.

Think of Budget

Think of Budget
Think of Budget
After these steps, you will roughly have in mind what kind of jewelry you should be looking for. Based on that, you can set a budget. Remember that rates can vary depending on the seller and the current prices of precious metals on the stock exchange.

Be sure to buy jewelry from stores that have in-house goldsmiths. That way, you can be sure that the piece you buy is checked and professionally made. Their services might be a little more expensive, but they give you peace of mind.

Another tip is to, as far as your finances allow, buy a unique piece of jewelry. Avoid shopping at chain stores, even though they often have the best prices. The reason for this is that their offer is generic, i.e., all pieces are made in serial production.

Quality over Size and Shine

This step is directly related to the previous one. People who have more money could make the mistake of buying the largest and most glittery piece. While this may leave a strong impression on someone, it is not really a good move.

When buying jewelry, the saying ‘more is more’ is not always true. A ring with a massive stone doesn’t always look nice, especially if you give it to someone with a discreet and elegant style. So just because something is big doesn’t mean it’s the right choice.

Also, you must pay more attention to the quality of jewelry than to its shine. Gold doesn’t need to be shiny, as this effect is achieved by polishing, which destroys this precious metal. Diamonds should shine, and the rule is to choose the ones that reflect light better.

Find a Reputable Store

Find a reputable store when buying jewelry
Find a reputable store when buying jewelry
You should dedicate yourself to finding a reputable jewelry shop along with the previous steps. Today, you can take full advantage of online shopping, and you don’t have to tour dozens of stores in search of a piece you want. So you can look at the offer from the comfort of your home and finish the purchase in just a few clicks.

If you decide to go to the store, always look for goldsmiths with a long business tradition and positive feedbacks. You can always count on their professional help if you’re indecisive or unsure about what to buy.

Many reputable goldsmiths, like MimisJewelry, also have their online sales. Also, you can look for dealers who sell jewelry only over the Internet. You can buy gold and gems from them at lower prices than in brick-and-mortar stores. But first thing first, make sure the website is not a scam by checking data, certificates, and reviews.

Jewelry as a gift is not something that you can give to everyone. Given the value it has (both material and emotional), you should buy it only to people that really mean something to you. If you think of buying an expensive present like this, that gesture will surely delight them. And if you guess their style, the excitement will be even greater.


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