Sustainability and The Skin Care Industry

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Sustainability and The Skin Care Industry
The most talked about topic in recent years regarding the environment, vegan food, and Elon Musk has been the topic of sustainability. In this current climate, it seems, a lot of small labelled brands are doing everything they can to stay on top of their game. One of the things that have come out is the question of whether they are considering the environment and being ‘green’ in producing sustainable products and using natural ingredients and renewable materials, or whether they are still using harmful and artificial materials such as petroleum and plastic, that is not renewable and harmful to the ecosystem.

The New Comers

The good news is that the newbies on the block are taking this topic very seriously and implementing various ways to not only beat the competition but do it safely and ethically. By implementing solutions that help instead of harm our world, the tables have turned and things are looking up. Some of these solutions that many brands have sought to turn to include:
  • Refillable containers
  • Reusable staples
  • Waterless formulas
  • Local sourcing
  • Reforestation initiatives
We should not be looking around us, but rather within us and our lives to join this club and become more sustainable. Many options exist, the only thing they need is action on our part. Tons of sources online have become enthusiastic in sharing their ideas, one such is this one that has a few suggestions on how to implement this into our life-styles, read this.

Live Better and Save The Planet

Besides the solutions above, we as a people, can not only live in this way but also use products and packaging that helps our planet. There have been tons of news items to show the disastrous consequences of using packaging that is made from harmful materials such as plastics or synthetics that are hard to recycle and end up in our oceans, killing the ocean life and this continues on a daily basis. The only package materials that can be recycled include glass, cardboard, corks, paper, and some metals. Most product packaging has now started using the recycling logo on them to put their stamp on doing good. These are all biodegradable which can be easily broken down and tend to decompose a lot faster than other raw resources.
Learn to practice more sustainable beauty routines and use natural products
Learn to practice more sustainable beauty routines and use natural products

Clean Beauty and The Beauty Industry

These ideas above, can all be coupled with the skincare and beauty industry and its products because these make up a big part of the majority of the chemicals and toxins that are found on land and sea. They get washed down into our drains every day, also harming the planet and its natural resources. We can practice more sustainable beauty routines and use natural products with just as good benefits or even better. Many companies are striving towards joining these groups of environmentally friendly brands and eco-friendly products, one such example being, and many can learn a thing or two from them. Its what’s being called the ‘Clean Beauty’ trend based on products that are free from any harmful or toxic substances such as alcohol, sulphates, petroleum, additives, perfumes, and the list goes on. Microscopic beads inside our facial products are also to blame for polluting the seas, as are elements such as glitter. These are made of plastic and destructive none-bio-degradable extracts and can end up in our rivers and lakes, which could result in fish swallowing them and dying. There is also the issue of palm oil, which has come up many times in history, as being part of a greater problem where the practices involved hinder the planet. The extraction of palm oil from palm trees has caused a lot of deforestation and the beauty and retail industry has now started to steer clear of using any palm additives in their products. Saving the environment is everyone’s responsibility, not just the beauty or retail industry sectors job. We can all do our bit in keeping the planet as well as all the organisms that live within it, safe from harm. We only have one planet and this is it. if we start small and gradually build up to all everything that we can do to help keep the earth from slowly breaking down, it will still be there for generations to come.
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