Texturizing and Thickening Mousse: How to Choose and Use

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How to Choose and Use Texturizing and Thickening Mousse
When it comes to caring for and styling our hair, there are all kinds of products that we can call for help. However, deciding which product is the right one for us might be a bit tricky. Shampoos, conditioners, sprays, foams, mousses… It’s really a tough choice, isn’t it? When you are presented with so many choices, it can really get overwhelming. My advice – use mousse!

Texturizing and Thickening Mousse

Check this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_mousse

It’s Not What You Think

If you’re now thinking about the 1980s and the “mousse mania”, you should stop immediately! That’s definitely not what those products are all about today. It’s not the same – it’s much, much better. This is a modern formula for the modern world, and it adds volume and texture to your hair without leaving stiff or sticky residues. That was the biggest problem in the good old days. But, I suppose you will see what I am talking about once you start using this product. Or, better yet, you won’t see what I’m talking about – in terms of the mentioned problem. Today’s mousse is perfectly created to style, texturize and add volume to your hair while also protecting it from getting damaged. So, while it might have caused damage in the past, it definitely prevents it in 2020. The best part is – there’s no hair it cannot tame and no look it cannot achieve. Really, whatever you think of, mousse can handle it. I’m talking ponytails, buns, braids, curl shaping… Literally anything you can think of. Unless, of course, you want to go all Marge Simpson. Although, come to think of it, mousse is probably the perfect product for that style. Still, I don’t think you’d want that. If nothing else, it would be difficult to go through some doors.
Hair mousse can handle it
Hair mousse can handle it

Watch What You Are Buying

When you get rid of the prejudices you might have and finally decide to try the modern texturizing mousse, you need to learn how to choose your product carefully. After all, I don’t suppose you want to waste your money and get something that will definitely do you no good. How many times have you bought a hair product and ended up throwing it in the trash because it turned out to be useless? Well, I don’t want to let that happen. You deserve to get the best there it and you deserve to get that hairstyle you want. In short, you deserve to find the best mousse on the market. And that’s easily done if you only follow a few simple rules. Trust me, girl, the effort you put into searching for the product will definitely pay off once it amazes you. Here are a few simple tips:
  1. Buy from a reputable company (get recommendations, check websites, read reviews and testimonials)
  2. Never compromise quality for a lower price
  3. Avoid the cheapest options
  4. Find the one that protects while styling
  5. Choose according to your hair type (thin, thick, dry, oily…)
As you can see, those are some pretty straightforward and easy to follow tips. However, don’t let their simplicity fool you and lead you towards taking them for granted. They are rather important and you should apply them for every hair product you buy.
Choose your product carefully
Choose your product carefully

Make Sure To Use It Properly

Don’t think that your work is done after you have chosen the right mousse. In fact, your work is just beginning at that very moment. Sure, you’re an amateur and you can’t possibly know every single trick in the book, but you definitely need to know the basics of using this product the right way. That is, if you want to get the best possible results. But, don’t worry; I am here to help you. Just like when choosing the right product, there are also some useful tips and tricks you need to know when using it. Once again, these are pretty simple and straightforward, but they are also crucial for achieving that look you want. So, here we go, you’re now learning how to use hair mousse.

#1 Wash It First

No, don’t wash the mousse, wash the hair! That should be clear. Adding volume and texture to your hair is pretty much impossible if it isn’t clean. So, before you apply the product, make sure to wash it with your perfect shampoo. You might even use volumizing shampoos and conditioners, to add to the effect.

#2 Wring It Out

After washing your hair, put it in a towel and squeeze all the water out, since you definitely cannot style it with mousse while water is dripping from it. Upon doing that, you might want to switch from a towel to a cotton T-shirt for wrapping your hair. The T-shirt will be much softer and it won’t damage your hair as much as a towel.
Wring out your hair
Wring out your hair

#3 Use the Blow-Dryer Appropriately

Did you ever think that you would be getting advice on how to use a blow-dryer? Well, some people definitely neglect the most important step – setting it up according to their hair type. Diffuser for curls, concentrator nozzle for straight strands – it’s as simple as that.

#4 Apply

Now we have come to the fun part. Take the mousse and apply it through your wet strands. Don’t forget to concentrate on the roots, since that plays a big part in the styling process. And, remember, don’t use too much – a small blob the size of an egg should be enough.

#5 Blow It Upwards

This is the most important step. Grab a brush and pull your hair gently upwards while blow-drying it, in order to get that lift at the root. This part is definitely easier for men (yes, men can use this product too – check this out), but women will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Now, during the blow-drying process, you need to think of the style you want to achieve. Depending on that style, you can tug your hair outwards, towards the back, or in any direction you choose. Use a comb or a brush to touch up on your style after everything is done.


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