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We all know about BROS Water Bottles as they are one of the leading water bottle brands. But do you know that they are our homegrown brand? So proud of being a Malaysian!! Anyway, I visited Sarawak for the first time in my life (milestone unlocked!) last week for Rainforest World Music Festival and boy, it was scorching hot there! I initially thought it’s just a feeling until I checked and realized that it was 34°C there while KL was only 32°C! The 2°C difference is actually a lot; I’ve been sweating non-stop during the whole day event from 11am – 12am the next day.

BROS Water Bottles

Slim and minimalistic BROS Water Bottles - Perfect travel companion
Slim and minimalistic BROS Water Bottles – Perfect travel companion
Luckily I brought my cute BROS water bottles along. One of them is in my favorite mint color – Rosemary from the Luna range. Love it to bits due to the minimalistic design and it isn’t the usual fat, bulky type! I didn’t know that outside water aren’t allowed into the venue. Good thing that my BROS water bottle is slim enough to be smuggled in hahaha!! On a side note, please ignore my ugly face, makeup melted + energy drained thanks to the merciless sun. Take a look at my décolletage – I’m sure you can see it’s drenched in sweat. How can I not replenish the water loss? I don’t wanna get sick because I’ll be going to Hanoi in less than a week!
BROS Water Bottles - Luna Rosemary (Price RM 22.50)
BROS Water Bottles – Luna Rosemary
Price RM 22.50
I think this bottle that can hold 350ml of water is perfect for traveling because it won’t make my bagpack feel super heavy and hurt my shoulders. Plus, my bagpack doesn’t have much space left after putting in my essential items (I bring a lot of stuffs that my friends call me Doraemon). Being leak-proof also puts my mind at ease because I don’t need to worry about wetting my belongings. It actually reminds me of an ex-water bottle that keeps dripping water no matter how well I closed the cap.
Why You Should Buy BROS Water Bottles
Why You Should Buy BROS Water Bottles
Aside from all these, the main reason why I wanted to use my own water bottle is to minimize buying bottled water to protect the environment. There has been more news now than ever about how much trash we’ve all been creating each day and how all these trashes are affecting our climate and the animals – which is sad. I think we should all try our best to reduce waste 🙂
BROS Water Bottles - Spread Your Joy (Price RM 30)
BROS Water Bottles – Spread Your Joy
Price RM 30
Trivia: Do you know that Armenia installed a lot of water fountains around their country so their people can enjoy free water and reduce the need to buy water in single-use plastic bottles?
Spread the Joy Water Bottle from BROS Wego Series
Spread the Joy Water Bottle from BROS Wego Series
For regular use, I’m loving this Spread Your Joy water bottle from BROs Wego Series. It’s in my favorite color – PINK and the name is full of positivity! I don’t feel embarrassed to bring it out to outings and events because they’re so cute and stylish. My friends even asked me where I got them!
BROS Online Store
BROS Online Store
For being my reader, here’s a reward for you!! Enjoy a special 20% discount on BROS online store (including accessories like cleaning brush) at from now until 26 August 2018 when you key in ‘PISCES20‘ promo code when you checkout.


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