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9 Must-Know Tips for Those Who Like to Shop for Clothing Online

31 January 2020
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Shopping for clothes online gives consumers a convenient way to buy the items they want the most. Online stores are available at any time, and consumers get the latest deals on the current inventory. However, online shopping takes skill, and consumers must-follow tips for saving more and staying safer. Consumers who want to have the best experience read the 9 must-know tips for those who like to shop for clothing online.

Quill City Mall Introduces The Phygital Era with JDX Presto Concept Store

20 December 2019

Quill City Mall is taking an exciting new turn in 2020 with a brand new retail strategy: a “phygital” ecosystem that is focused on maximizing shoppers’ experience and providing a platform for retailers to engage with consumers in meaningful ways.

Organized by Quill City Mall, 5 retail industry players recently led an expert forum by the theme of “Future Proof Your Business – New Retail Innovations and Interventions” to discuss the new “phygital” retail era at Quill City Convention Center.

What is Octaplus and Why You Should Use It

26 September 2019
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Who doesn’t like Cashback? Certainly not me! I love anything that gives me cashback because then I’ll be able to accumulate more money to buy more stuff.

If you’re familiar with cashback programmes, you’ll be hooked by this concept.

What is Cashback?

Cashback means when you purchase something, you get a percentage of the amount in return as an incentive. This could also mean you’re getting a discount off things you purchased. With this money saved, you can purchase more stuff!