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What is Octaplus and Why You Should Use It

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Who doesn’t like Cashback? Certainly not me! I love anything that gives me cashback because then I’ll be able to accumulate more money to buy more stuff.

If you’re familiar with cashback programmes, you’ll be hooked by this concept.

What is Cashback?

Cashback means when you purchase something, you get a percentage of the amount in return as an incentive. This could also mean you’re getting a discount off things you purchased. With this money saved, you can purchase more stuff!

Top 5 Things to Buy Before Raya

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I’ve grown accustomed to shopping online nowadays because I can compare prices on a few platforms before I buy them. Hey, I’m not being stingy! I just want to be a smart consumer and squeeze the most out of my money. After all, there’s no reason to pay more for the same thing. Don’t you agree? Plus, my schedule has been quite crazy lately so I don’t have that much time to go to physical stores.

Living in a multiracial and multicultural country, we all celebrate the holidays and festivities together. Raya is around the corner so I guess we should all shop together too? Nobody would say no to shopping and sale! I’ve done the homework for you and surveyed all 3 most popular e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Zalora, Lazada) on what are the top 5 things to buy before Raya.

Cheer for Yourself This International Women’s Day!

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I have a lot of respect and love for all the women in the world. Most of the women I know juggle a lot of responsibilities – daughter, granddaughter, wife, mum, and employee. Mad respect for mummies who have small kids and still need to juggle work responsibilities because a lot of sleep is sacrificed in the process. They’re so brave and strong!

Inspiration comes any time, I have to be prepared for it

Inspiration comes any time, I have to be prepared for it

I seriously can’t imagine that because I’m already feeling hectic with my current life. But I always make it a point to pamper myself and recharge. Sometimes I go for a facial, sometimes I go to the salon for a hair makeover. I believe that making myself look and feel good all the time can boost my confidence and productivity. Why productivity, you ask? When I’m dressed and groomed nicely, it just channels more positive energy for me to do more stuff. Plus, respecting myself is also respecting others.