6 Instagrammable Hotels in Southeast Asia

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6 Instagrammable Hotels in Southeast Asia | 6 Instagrammable Hotels in Southeast Asia
‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’, but I believe there are some places that will leave us all in awe and wonder unanimously. Whenever I travel, this is what I look for – unique beauty. From enjoying the magic of nature’s landscapes to boasting elegant views of the city skyline – here are 6 Instagrammable hotels in Southeast Asia that will take your breath away. Hello, Instagram-worthy pictures!

6 Instagrammable Hotels in Southeast Asia

  1. The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

    Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, the irregular façade of the Myst Dong Khoi hotel exudes an element of mystery that is sure to pique your interest. A recent addition to Ho Chi Minh city’s fast growing high-end hotel scene, the Myst Dong Khoi is a modern sanctuary that tells the story of the city then and now.
    The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel Vietnam
    The Myst Dong Khoi
    Imagine this: Stained-glass details, ancient roof tiles, wrought iron beans and exposed industrial parts salvaged from old shipyards. Each element is carefully infused into the building’s interior to provide travelers a glimpse of Ho Chi Minh City’s past charms and rich history. The thought behind this concept is amazing!
  2. Fusion Suites Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

    Another Vietnamese contender in the Instagrammable hotel line up is Fusion Suites Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. Unlike Myst Dong Khoi hotel, Fusion Suites Saigon has a contrasting interior design style. It exudes a Scandinavian vibe with minimalism at its design core.
    Fusion Suites Saigon Ho Chi Minh City
    Fusion Suites Saigon
    Flaunting floor-to-ceiling windows with top-notch views overlooking Tao Dan Park, the hotel’s clever use of timber and tiles will leave you feeling zen during your course of stay. Excellent Insta-shot interiors aside, this chic hotel also has a rooftop restaurant and lounge bar that gives breathtaking views of the city. So charge your smartphones and snap away!
  3. Keemala Resort, Phuket – Thailand

    Keemala Eco Pods, Thailand
    Keemala Hotel, Phuket
    Keemala Resort, Phuket is one hotel that has been making its rounds on Instagram and it is obvious why. Nestled amidst luscious greens, Keemala’s quirky pool villas are remarkable architectural anomalies.
    Keemala Phuket Bird's Nest Villa
    Keemala Phuket Bird’s Nest Villa
    Perched high above the Kamala rainforest of Phuket, Keemala Resort is a celebration of four fictitious clans who once walked the land – the earth clan, wanderers, sky peoples and nest clan. Each villa is ingeniously designed to represent and resemble one clan as can be seen through the crowd favorite Bird’s Nest Pool Villa – a nest-like pod suspended amid the forest tree-tops. Time to make your friends green with envy!
  4. The Strand, Yangon – Myanmar

    Dubbed as ‘the finest hotel East of the Suez’ by Author John Murray, The Strand is the beautiful marriage of modern luxury and age-old sophistication. Guests are transported to a bygone colonial era with its authentic period furnishings.
    The Strand Myanmar
    The Strand Hotel, Myanmar
    Newly revamped in 2017, the over-100 year old Victorian mansion now has a spanking new 18x8m infinity pool, a poolside terrace to occupy 35 loungers and 4 private pool cabanas. The suites are spacious with beautifully tiled bathrooms and teak wood flooring. It is everything you would expect of a luxury hotel!
  5. Phum Baitang, Siem Reap – Cambodia

    Tucked just outside the city of Siem Reap in the Khmer countryside, Phum Baitang is the perfect embodiment of an authentic Cambodian experience. Meaning ‘the green village’, the hotel is enveloped by 8 acres of nature consisting of verdant gardens, lemongrass meadows and rice paddies.

    For exclusivity, this luxury resort only has 45 villas located on site. Perched on stilts, each villa is designed to reveal and preserve the aged lustre of traditional Khmer wooden houses. Photo opportunities are aplenty at this idyllic property especially with the infinity pool that overlooks the resort’s paddy fields.

    Phum Baitang, Cambodia
    Phum Baitang, Cambodia
    Don’t forget to also pay a visit to the lounge bar that is inspired by Cambodia’s colonial history in a century-old farmhouse.
  6. Templation Hotel, Siem Reap – Cambodia

    At the gateway to Angkor – one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia, Templation Hotel is a luxury eco-retreat fitted with 33 exclusive suites and villas. Most of them boasts its own private pool for an added touch of privacy and exclusivity.
    Templation Private Pool Villa Cambodia
    Templation Hotel, Cambodia
    Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a sense of calm and serenity engulfs you from the moment you step foot into Templation Hotel. The real picture perfect moment is where you get to enjoy a floating breakfast tray from the comfort of your private pool. OMG! You don’t always get a chance like this, so remember to snap away and store the beautiful memories in photos! Don’t forget to post on social media too 😜

It’s all about the gram these days, with travelers often sporting a camera (or smartphone) in one hand and a suitcase filled with perfectly curated outfits to match postcard worthy backdrops in another. If you are raring to boost the likes and followers on your Instagram, be sure to check out these 6 Instagrammable Hotels in Southeast Asia.

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