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10 Things You Need to Know About Sea of Clouds @ I-Yerweng, Betong

17 September 2018
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I’ve always loved visiting beautiful nature spots whenever I travel because the thought that these places are amazing but need no effort to produce is just awesome. Hence, I was elated and looking forward to see the Sea of Clouds at I-Yerweng (a.k.a. Talay Mok Aiyoe Weng) when I saw it in our Betong, Thailand FAM trip itinerary.

6 Instagrammable Hotels in Southeast Asia

6 June 2018

‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’, but I believe there are some places that will leave us all in awe and wonder unanimously. Whenever I travel, this is what I look for – unique beauty. From enjoying the magic of nature’s landscapes to boasting elegant views of the city skyline – here are 6 Instagrammable hotels in Southeast Asia that will take your breath away. Hello, Instagram-worthy pictures!

4D3N Bangkok Itinerary [Shopping + Sightseeing + Great Food]

6 February 2017
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Hey all! I’m so happy that I can finally blog about my recent trip to Bangkok last June! I’ll start by sharing this 4D3N Bangkok Itinerary.

On the way to Bangkok in AirAsia flight

On the way to Bangkok in AirAsia flight

Bangkok – who doesn’t love this shopping heaven (esp for girls)? Aside from shopping though, there are also lots of great food (most importantly is cheap too!!) and sightseeing spots for you to discover the Thai culture and architecture.