Say Hello to Radiance and Nancy Wu with Nutox Renewing Treatment

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Which woman doesn’t wish to have youthful, flawless radiant skin? I believe my question will be answered with silence. Natural beauty is something that every woman wish to have. Can you imagine looking great without needing to conceal your imperfections? That satisfaction is priceless. To be honest, my ultimate skin goal is to get that elusive ‘glow’ without resorting to makeup products.

Dullness is one of the most common skin concerns faced by Asian women. But don’t take it lightly because it is one of the first signs of ageing! Ideally, our skin’s natural renewal cycle occurs every 28 days but due to the decrease in skin’s natural renewal abilities, we notice dullness, wrinkles and loss of elasticity on our skin. Hence, we need a few gentle yet effective core products that can help our skin renew itself like the latest Renewing Treatment range by Nutox.

Nutox Renewing Treatment

Nutox Renewing Treatment Range

Nutox Renewing Treatment Range

Nutox Renewing Treatment skincare features a proprietary technology known as LumiNes, which combines two key ingredients – Lumiskin and Actistem Gold Nest. These two ingredients can give your skin a lit-from-within glow by activating sleeping skin stem cells and improves skin texture, giving you naturally-radiant skin with regular use.

The Renewing Treatment range consists of 3 products: Renewing Treatment Lotion, Renewing Treatment Essence and Renewing Treatment Cream.

Nutox Renewing Treatment Lotion

Nutox Renewing Treatment Lotion (Price: RM59.90)

Nutox Renewing Treatment Lotion (150ml)
Price: RM59.90

Prepare your skin to receive the full benefits of the Renewing Treatment Essence and Cream with this lightweight yet nourishing lotion. Developed with LumiNes, it acts as toner to lift impurities and deliver moisture into skin’s deeper layers for a more radiant effect.

How to use: After cleansing, dispense onto palms or cotton pad and pat all over face and neck.

Nutox Renewing Treatment Essence

Nutox Renewing Treatment Essence (Price: RM75.90)

Nutox Renewing Treatment Essence (30ml)
Price: RM75.90

Formulated with Nutox’s proprietary LumiNes technology, this milky essence is deeply moisturizing and helps protect skin against dullness caused by environmental factors. It also helps to expedite skin’s surface-renewing cycle for long-term radiance.

How to use: Distribute 2 to 3 pumps between fingertips. Apply evenly onto face and neck using upward movements.

Nutox Renewing Treatment Cream

Nutox Renewing Treatment Cream (Price: RM49.90)

Nutox Renewing Treatment Cream (30ml)
Price: RM49.90

The Renewing Treatment Cream provides all the nourishment you need to smoothen, energize and improve skin complexion. The lightweight and non-sticky texture absorbs quickly, making foundation application a smooth one for a natural finish.

How to use: Massage a pea-sized amount into skin using circular upward motions until fully absorbed.

Nutox Ambassador, Nancy Wu

Nancy Wu 胡定欣 @ Nutox Renewing Treatment Launch

Nancy Wu 胡定欣 @ Nutox Renewing Treatment Launch

Thanks to Nutox, I was able to catch Nutox ambassador and Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu 胡定欣 at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang. If you followed the recent TVB drama, The Unholy Alliance (同盟), you’ll know how cool she is! Currently, she is shooting for a new TV series called Deep in the Realm of Conscience (宮心計2: 深宮計).

Nancy Wu is just too pretty!!

Nancy Wu is just too pretty!!

She also shared her love for the new Nutox Renewing Treatment skincare range, especially the Renewing Treatment Cream, which has made a big difference on her complexion. Dullness translates very obviously on camera, but she really don’t want to hide her skin behind layers of thick makeup because it will still look unnatural. With Nutox Renewing Treatment range, her skin glows naturally as if she had a wonderful night’s sleep. Even with her hectic lifestyle, she don’t have to worry about her skin looking lacklustre anymore.

Renew, Restore, and Radiate your skin by unlocking your skin’s natural glow from deep within using Nutox Renewing Treatment today! For more information, visit their Facebook Page at

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