Complete Guide to Searching Best Value Rental Unit in Petaling Jaya

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The Search for Best Value Rental Unit in Petaling Jaya Starts Now | Complete Guide to Searching Best Value Rental Unit in Petaling Jaya
Imagine you are a fresh graduate who successfully landed a cool job in Petaling Jaya, far from your hometown. Moving out from your beloved hometown can be scary and somewhat terrifying especially when one needs to worry about all sorts of stuff and most notably — accommodation. Yes, you can always rent for a room but you might not be lucky to get yourself a friendly, neat and clean housemate. You certainly don’t want to go through the never-ending argument of getting him/her to get things sorted out. Next best option? Find a couple of close friends whom you know is decent and find a house for rent in Petaling Jaya with them. Besides saving up quite a bit in rental, you will also have the say to decorate the house, making your house as homey as possible.

How to find a house for rent in Petaling Jaya?

Just visit and you will be greeted with a myriad of selections of rental units. Next, with the ease PropertyGuru’s search box, you can easily apply multiple filtering to fit your bill — property type, max and min price, number of bedrooms, furnishing of the house and etc. Your dream house is just clicks away!
PropertyGuru Portal
PropertyGuru Portal

Tips before renting your first home

  1. Decide your budget First of all you should allocate the part of your income you are ready to spend on rental unit. You can make your rental budget after deducting your financial commitments from the monthly income you take home. While making this budget you should consider all other essential costs like water and electricity bill and telephone and internet bills etc along with your routine expenses. The rental price of a property depends on various factors including the location, facilities, size and furnishing. After getting the price sorted out, you might want to allocate 2 – 3 months of the rental as security deposit to your landlord.
  2. Location of the unit You can consider various points when deciding the location of your home like proximity of your workplace, groceries, public transport, sources of entertainment and of course shopping malls. But please be mindful that the more of the said facilities are available near your area, the pricier it will get.
    The Search for Best Value Rental Unit in Petaling Jaya Starts Now!
    The Search for Best Value Rental Unit in Petaling Jaya Starts Now!
  3. Safety The rental unit should be free from health hazards and other risks. Although the landlord is responsible to ensure the safety of his unit, the tenant is also responsible to double-check its safety features. First of all, you should check for gas leakage and electrical points including plug and light points etc. If you detected blown out bulb or exposed wire, then you should ask the landlord to fix them immediately before renting the property. You should also check if the unit requires any repair work. For example, whether its sanitation system and pipelines are working properly or not, the walls of its bathrooms and kitchen are well painted or not and its ceiling and walls are leak or damp free or not. You should also check the fire exit of the house so that your safety is ensured in case of fire.
  4. Agreement for rental hike It can be very expensive to maintain a rental house in PJ if you do not consider the rental hike clause while signing the rent agreement. The landlord can increase the rent of his property only once in a year after meeting certain conditions and giving an advance notice to the tenant.
There you have it, the guide of finding a rental unit and the tips of getting the right unit. Please be cautious when renting a house as this can be potentially a year long commitment.


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