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What is your joy of life? For me, the joy of life is to age beautifully and healthily. In order to achieve this, we not only have apply beauty products on our face, but also consume nourishing food and drinks. After all, beauty shines from within and can affect our outer appearance.

The Joy of Life - what's yours?
The Joy of Life – what’s yours?

Bird’s Nest

One of the most popular consumables for beauty and health purpose is bird’s nest. The history was dated back nearly 1,500 years ago, even Empress Wu Ze Tian consumed it.

In this modern age, we all don’t just believe whatever we hear. So you might think, “Does bird’s nest really work?”. The good news is, the health benefits of bird’s nest has been scientifically proven.

Among the benefits of bird’s nest are:

  • Stimulating the regeneration of cells
  • Strengthening immune and respiratory system
  • Improving the performance of internal organs
  • Rejuvenate cells, promoting smooth, radiant and youthful skin

However, the process of preparing bird’s nest is such a hassle. From filtering the bird’s nest, soaking it overnight, boiling it for few hours to the utensils needed to prepare it, urban dwellers just don’t have the time for these!

'The Joy of Life' Bird's Nest is officially launched
‘The Joy of Life’ Bird’s Nest is officially launched

The Joy of Life

Noticing these problems, Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (Ecolite) did a lot of intensive research and finally worked out a solution. Here comes ‘The Joy of Life‘, a brand new range of halal-certified Collagen Bird’s Nest beverages with Marine Fish Collagen. Marine Fish Collagen is able to encourage collagen production and slows down aging.

It's so convenient; you just need to shake it, open it and drink it!
It’s so convenient; you just need to shake it, open it and drink it!

‘The Joy of Life’ is safe for consumption because the ingredients used are all-natural, including Edible Bird’s Nest, Marine Fish Collagen, Rock Sugar and RO Water. The products are also free of preservatives, artificial flavorings, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners.

'The Joy of Life' Original Flavor
‘The Joy of Life’ Original Flavor

There are a total of 5 variants for this product. For those who prefer the goodness of classic natural Bird’s Nest, you can go with the original flavor. Depending on your needs and flavor preference, you can also choose from Red Date and Wolfberry, Aloe Vera, Lychee and Longan flavor.

'The Joy of Life' with Red Date and Wolfberry
‘The Joy of Life’ with Red Date and Wolfberry
'The Joy of Life' with Aloe Vera
‘The Joy of Life’ with Aloe Vera
'The Joy of Life' with Lychee
‘The Joy of Life’ with Lychee
'The Joy of Life' with Longan
‘The Joy of Life’ with Longan

When I tried ‘The Joy of Life’, it doesn’t taste bland and has a mild sweet flavor thanks to the natural ingredients added. Among the ingredients that can add sweetness to the drinks naturally are longan and wolfberry.

Which is your favorite flavor?
Which is your favorite flavor?

‘The Joy of Life’ comes in a stylish packaging with vacuum safety button. Each bottle contains a whooping 2500mg of collagen! ‘The Joy of Life’  is now available at all 7-Eleven convenience stores at the retail price of RM6.80 per bottle. It will soon be made available in most major pharmacies and hypermarkets in Malaysia. For more information, kindly visit

Ribbon Ooi performing her latest song, "It's My Time"
Ribbon Ooi performing her latest song, “It’s My Time”

Besides the launch event, we also had the privilege to watch Ribbon Ooi 黃若熙 perform her latest single, It’s My Time. She has such a sweet voice!


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