Swipe to Redeem Rewards @ Sunway Pyramid with Seeties

13 June 2016

Everyone (including aunties and uncles) has a smartphone nowadays. But the question is – do you make full use of it? Aside from having a “smart phone”, we as the consumers need to be smart too! And that is why I have smart apps like Seeties to discover deals to enjoy discounts and special promotions.

Bloggers at the scene: Charmaine, Auntie Lilly, Yap Chin Yee, Bowie Cheong

Bloggers at the scene: Charmaine, Auntie Lilly, Yap Chin Yee, Bowie Cheong

Swipe to Redeem @ Sunway Pyramid with Seeties

For the second half of 2016, Seeties is bringing the Online to Offline (O2O) experience by launching ‘Swipe to Redeem‘ in collaboration with Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

Seeties App - Redeem Voucher

Seeties App – Redeem Voucher

If you’re money savvy like me, you’ll not miss the awesome deals from Seeties! With more than 100 deals from Sunway Pyramid merchants, we’ll be spoilt for choice while the merchants will surely expect boosted traffic. I love the app because it’s so easy to use and the candy colored user interface is so appealing!

Seeties - How to Swipe and Redeem

Seeties – How to Swipe and Redeem

Start securing the deals you like by saving them into Voucher Wallet and swipe to redeem the deal at merchant’s store.

The making of Monzeter Premium Fried Ice Cream

The making of Monzeter Premium Fried Ice Cream

During the launch, I was able to sample Monzeter Premium Fried Ice Cream for the first time. The one with Nutella tastes so awesome! It was topped with some chewy marshmallows too!!

Monzeter Premium Fried Ice Cream 夢史特炒雪糕

Monzeter Premium Fried Ice Cream 夢史特炒雪糕

Jipangi with WeiWen

Jipangi with WeiWen

Here’s a story that I wanna share, about how I met WeiWen. Just a day before this event, I had lunch with Fiona StreetLove and she asked me whether I had readers who recognize me out of nowhere since she had this experience before. Then I said, “Haiya, impossible la… it’s not easy to reach this level LOL”.

Then while Tian Chad was helping me take a photo with my Jipangi, he asked me if I wanna borrow the leng chai beside me to shoot together. Wahlau, I actually don’t dare cos I was shy but Tian Chad was already calling him but he couldn’t hear it. So I was like “Leng chai, can I borrow you for a photo?”. He caught me by surprise when he asked me if I’m Charmaine. Apparently, he had to check blogs and social media channels during his internship and that’s how he got to know me. He might not be considered as my reader but close enough hahaha!

Seeties Sunway Pyramid Swipe to Redeem Campaign Bloggers

Seeties Sunway Pyramid Swipe to Redeem Campaign Bloggers


Remember to participate in One-derful Deals every weekday from 3-30th June 2016. You’ll get to enjoy these yummylicious food at Sunway Pyramid for only RM 1 at 1pm:

  • Tuesday – Eggette Lab
  • Wednesday – Monzeter Premium Fried Ice Cream
  • Friday – Jipangi

Grab the deals from Seeties app on the specified weekday. Then, Swipe to Redeem at merchant’s store between 1-2 pm on that day itself.

Seeties app is available for free download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  1. Pamela Yeoh

    June 14

    such a good deal 🙂 i have download them too 🙂

  2. Yeay! More ways to save and to buy more stuff! I like!

  3. Kylie Wenn

    June 14

    Wah.. Now I know seeties is so nice one.. I wanna go download d..

  4. sherrygo

    June 14

    good to see you there.
    yeah with this app so handy to use and love the deals.

  5. Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    June 15

    these are some great deals to grab… huhuh I want to go and redeem some tomorrow….

  6. downloaded n they really have a lot of nice deals 😛

  7. Ivy Kam

    June 16

    This is so cool, will grab these deals since I live near Sunway Pyramid 🙂

  8. Absolute Yana

    June 16

    Neat app! I should really consider this app..since I practically live in Sunway Pyramid..hahhaahha

  9. great deals for those shoppers! I live too far sob sob

  10. Apple Berry

    June 20

    Really hope I was at KL as I keep on missing out those great deals. TT.TT

  11. lol that is my intern lor…hahahaha yes I made him check blogs

  12. fadzirazak

    June 21

    Still got time until this 30th june. gonna get myself to taste that jipangji ice cream!

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