Lor Mee @ Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong


Although there are a lot of eateries around Kepong area, but most of them are either Bak Kut Teh or steamboat restaurants. We can’t be eating these every weekend right? So we did some research online and there was an article that recommended this Restoran Ulu Yam that specializes in Lor Mee/Loh Mee.

Lor Mee @ Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong

Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong

Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong

Turns out that Restoran Ulu Yam is just few units away from Ful Lai, our favorite dim sum place in Kepong. The interior is very simple, just like any other Chinese kopitiam but I thought it’s ok as long as the food is tasty.



From the article, it says lor mee and stir-fried vermicelli with braised pork belly are good but when we wanted to order, they didn’t seem to have the latter one. That’s when we realized we went to the wrong restaurant. There’s probably another restaurant with the same name. Or that one has moved here and they no longer sell that dish.

Hokkien Mee @ Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong (Price: RM 8)

Hokkien Mee @ Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong
Price: RM 8

I looked up on Foursquare and people has been saying their Lor Mee is good too so we ordered anyway. Unfortunately, the Hokkien mee was pretty disappointing. It was a little dry, lack of wok hei and there’s no pork lard inside. Truthfully, pork lard makes a big difference in fried noodles :X

Lor Mee @ Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong (Price: RM 8)

Lor Mee @ Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong
Price: RM 8

I wish I could say that at least the Lor Mee was good but… sorry. I can only taste vinegar in the gravy. I like the threads of eggs in the gravy but it didn’t have much impact on the taste. The noodle is chewier than usual though, I heard it’s homemade.

Fish Cake @ Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong (Price: RM 4)

Fish Cake @ Restoran Ulu Yam, Kepong
Price: RM 4

I expected their deep fried fish cake to look like Ah Koong Noodle House’s, round like Japanese tofu but these came out to be square. Shape doesn’t matter much but it looks a bit over-fried. The inside was springy and bouncy but unfortunately the coating detached when I took a bite. *disappointed*

Fish cake's coating detached

Fish cake’s coating detached

Clumsy Boy: Wasted my quota. Should have ate Domino’s instead.

Restoran Ulu Yam
No. 57, Jalan 3/62A,
Bandar Sri Menjalara,
52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: 10 am – 10 pm (Closed on Tuesday)

  1. suituapui

    September 2

    Yam yaaaammmmm!!! Looks so good!!! Hey, the Hokkien mee looks different, so thin. I love fresh own-made (not the frozen factory-produced supermarket ones) fish cakes (and fish balls) too!

    • Charmaine Pua

      September 3

      Sigh…. looks good only but all doesn’t taste nice leh 🙁

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