Food Review: Goku Raku Ramen @ Paradigm Mall

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Goku Raku Ramen - Ultimate Black
Ramen has been one of Japan’s staple food and favoured meal since noodles were introduced from mainland China in 1872. Over the century, ramen has developed into various styles with distinct soup types. At Goku Raku Ramen, you will discover their “Horikiri Style” ramen as introduced by noted ramen connoisseur, Mr. Teruhisa Shimizu.

Goku Raku Ramen @ Paradigm Mall

Goku Raku Ultimate Black // Price: RM 20.90 (S) / RM 24.90 (R) / RM 26.90 (L)
Ultimate Black
Price: RM 20.90 (S) / RM 24.90 (R) / RM 26.90 (L)
Ultimate Black‘s ramen was topped with Japanese char siew, homemade braised pork belly, bean sprouts, spring onions, bamboo shoot strips, seaweed, lava egg, fish powder and fragrant garlic oil. The best thing about Ultimate Black is the thick flavorful soup that they’ve boiled for 14 hours – I can say that it’s one of the best that I’ve ever tasted! I find that their soup is not as salty as other ramen joints as well.
Goku Raku Spicy Miso (Price: RM 2)
Spicy Miso
Price: RM 2
Collagen Balls (Price: RM 2.90)
Collagen Balls
Price: RM 2.90
To bring the soup to another level of awesomeness, we’ve tried adding collagen balls and spicy miso paste. The collagen balls melted almost immediately after we put them into the soup. The taste of the soup didn’t change much but it has gotten a little thicker. The ladies loved the collagen enriched soup and never left a drop of it.
Goku Raku Tan Tan Ramen (Price: RM 13.90)
Tan Tan Ramen
Price: RM 13.90
Add-on Onsen Egg: RM 2.50
Add-on Onsen Egg: RM 2.50
Pouring onsen egg into the noodle
Pouring onsen egg into the noodle
For a more unique variety, Goku Raku has introduced Tan Tan Ramen, a fusion between Japanese and Szechuan style for an extra kick. Japanese dry ramen was topped with stir-fried minced pork, cucumber, spring onion, Sze Chuan pepper and pine nuts. The combination with Onsen Egg is better tasting as it made the noodle less dry.
Goku Raku Kakuni Curry Rice (Price: RM 23.90)
Kakuni Curry Rice
Price: RM 23.90
Kakuni Curry Rice was served with braised pork belly, curry sauce, shredded chili and topped with soft boiled egg. However, this dish was a bit lacking as the taste and fragrance of Japanese curry was too mild. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the braised pork belly!
Utsunomiya Yaki Gyoza // Price: RM 9.90 (5 pcs) / RM 14.90 (8 pcs)
Utsunomiya Yaki Gyoza
Price: RM 9.90 (5 pcs) / RM 14.90 (8 pcs)
We definitely cannot miss trying Gyoza in a Japanese Ramen shop. And we had the chance to try Goku Raku’s signature pan-fried Gyoza – Utsunomiya Yaki Gyoza with the right amount of minced pork fillings inside.
Utsunomiya Yaki Gyoza
Utsunomiya Yaki Gyoza
GokuRaku Meatballs // Price: RM 5 (5 pcs) / RM 9 (10 pcs)
GokuRaku Meatballs
Price: RM 5 (5 pcs) / RM 9 (10 pcs)
I can’t resist meatballs especially these GokuRaku Meatballs! The minced pork meatballs went very well with their sweet and sour sauce. Too bad we were all quite full already so I only had one.
Annin Tofu (Price: RM 4.90)
Annin Tofu
Price: RM 4.90
Last but not least, we had Annin Tofu which is Almond Pudding with tofu-like texture. It’s a love or hate relationship with this dish because some people might not like the taste of almond. To me, it was OK because I’m addicted to the tofu texture. Address: GokuRaku Ramen Lot 2-26 & 2-27, Paradigm Mall, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya Tel: 03-7886 5774 Business Hours: Daily 10 am – 10 pm
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