Seeties Getaway Treat Campaign: Outdoors & Beautiful

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To celebrate the rolling out of Seeties’ new FOLLOW feature, the generous people at Seeties has launched a Getaway Treat Campaign: Outdoors and Beautiful, which allows Seetizen Experts to choose a getaway to any Private Villas below:
  1. Berembun House, The Dusun
  2. Sripatum, Malihom
  3. The Stable Malacca
  4. The Happy 8 Retreat, Pasir Puteh
  5. Rajah Room, The Village House
  6. Cinnamon, Clove Hall
  7. Deluxe, Cameron Highlands Resort
  8. Deluxe, The Majestic Hotel
Seeties Getaway Treat Campaign
Seeties Getaway Treat Campaign
I’m sure your heart will skipped a beat like I do when you saw these beautiful places right? I’ve just came back from a short getaway last week and guess what? I’ll share my experience with you on Seeties today so make sure you follow me and stay tuned!This is the mechanism of Seeties Getaway Treat Campaign:

How It Works

  1. Post at least 1 recommendation on Outdoors & Attractions category and 1 on any category you love at Seeties platform from 2 April 2014 – 30 April 2014.
  2. Each recommendation should have at least 3 photos, interesting and helpful info, and correct locations on Google Map.
  3. The Campaign will only include Recommendations about places in Malaysia.Tips: Can you post more than 2? Of course! The more you recommend, the higher chances you will get!

Selection Criteria of Winners

  1. Ten (10) expert’s recommendation with most beautiful photos will be selected to win the getaway treats!
  2. One (1) special lucky draw getaway for those who participate in the Getaway Campaign!

To Participate

  1. You must be a registered Seetizen Expert of Seeties.
  2. Share and post the campaign poster with your own unique picture URL on your blog.
Are you a Seetizen Expert? If yes, hurry and join this Getaway Treat contest! If you’re not, you can still request to be a Seetizen Expert. Hope to see you joining the Seetizen Expert bandwagon! =)
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    The pics with the dancers look like a postcard

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