En Route to Heineken Thirst

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The route to Heineken Thirst has begun. Malaysia’s biggest and most highly anticipated dance music festival, Heineken Thirst, returns on 14 December at Sepang International Circuit featuring two massive stages of uncompromising and unconventional music experiences with global dance music talents including David Guetta, Afrojack, Madeon, W&W, Goldfish and Blink and more.

En Route to Heineken Thirst

Heineken Thirst 2013 Lineup
Heineken Thirst 2013 Lineup
From November onwards, the stars of Heineken Thirst will take to the road to light up Malaysia as we embark on the route to Heineken Thirst. Ipoh, Penang and Johor Bahru will reverberate to the sound of a special Heineken collaboration with JUICE magazine, while KL rocks out with some very special guest stars and appearances across the city as we countdown the weekends from now until 14 December. Celebrating all things Heineken Thirst, 1st November sees the release of a special 13th edition of JUICE Magazine which delves deep into the world of Heineken Thirst in an attempt to commit the excitement, energy and magic of Malaysia’s premier dance music festival to print. With the kind of insider insight unique to JUICE, this special issue also profiles the cities of the Pre-Party Series and the next generation of creative talents who are working to change the way we view their hometowns. What sets Heineken Thirst apart are the custom-built festival sites and the bars that really propel this festival into a class of its own. Once you step into the world of Heineken Thirst, you walk into a world where everything – from the music to the site itself – reflects our commitment to creativity, excellence and progressive new music experiences. The Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre-Party Series takes that philosophy on the road. Heineken Thirst styled interiors, installations and visuals will transport invitees to these exclusive events into the world of Heineken Thirst. Each night unfolds to tell a different story, with each city sporting a changing line up of the best local DJs.
Heineken Thirst Pre-party Schedule
Heineken Thirst Pre-party Schedule
Taking this philosophy into the digital realm, watch out for a range of exclusive creative collaborations online. From remixes to podcasts to interactive competitions as well as behind-the-scenes peeks into the lives of the stars of Heineken Thirst and the Pre-Party Series – coming to you through the digital airwaves throughout November. Celebrating their 10th Anniversary with Heineken Thirst in a huge celebration of indie rock and twisted disco, Twilight Actiongirl tookover Zouk’s mainroom on Friday 29 November. Bunga, ChaseyLain, Ribut and XU have built up one of the most loyal followings in the country as TAG over the last decade. With numerous appearances at Heineken events along the way, I’m glad I did not miss the event!
Twilight Actiongirl was at Zouk last week for their 10th Anniversary!
Twilight Actiongirl was at Zouk last week for their 10th Anniversary!
Ending the Route to Heineken Thirst, the Heineken Thirst x KL Series reaches its conclusion with Guy J at Vertigo on 7th December. One of techno’s most respected artists, the versatile DJ and producer is renowned for the lush synths of his own productions and the sensual, exotic house and textured techno that his club sets are famous for. To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, stay tuned to Heineken’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Heineken) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/Heineken_MY).
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    Sounds like FUN!

  2. Jennifer says:

    HOLY!!!! That's a HOLE LOT OF FOOD! Wowza! Great food photos, btw!

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    Woot! Thirst is back again! 🙂

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    hope next time i can join loh~

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