Review: bloop Candy Lipstick 304

6 September 2013
Hello beauties and handsomes!!
After reviewing bloop LV Lip Gloss in July, it’s now time for the review of bloop Candy Lipstick!
Aren’t you excited?
As usual, HiShop is very careful in handling their shipments. Item will be wrapped with bubbles secured with a hot pink HiShop box. I have quite a number of boxes now LOL!

Carefully wrapped item by HiShop
Carefully wrapped item by HiShop

Front view of bloop Candy Lipstick
Front view of bloop Candy Lipstick

Did you notice that the size of this lipstick is different from general ones?
Normal lipsticks look fat and short but bloop Candy Lipstick is tall and thin!
If I were a lipstick, I wanna be bloop’s! XD

bloop Candy Lipstick 304
bloop Candy Lipstick 304

The color I’ve got is no. 304 and from the looks of it, it seemed like hot pink color.
I normally prefer sweet pink but as long as the color is not too red, then I’m fine with it =)

bloop Candy Lipstick 304 - hot pink
bloop Candy Lipstick 304 – hot pink

This is how the lipstick color turned out on my lips.
It has a highly saturated color so I just need to apply one layer of it.
Lips turned hydrated with lustre. For added shine, you can apply lip gloss on top of it.

Before and after bloop Candy Lipstick 304 application
Before and after bloop Candy Lipstick 304 application

bloop Candy Lipstick claimed to be long lasting so wiped my lips twice with a piece of tissue, just like how I normally would after having meals. Indeed, the color is still there! Just a bit of shine was lost after wiped off.
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  1. Camy

    September 6

    i dont wear lipstick want eh :X

  2. Foong Pc

    September 6

    Oh wrong post for me! Don't use lipsticks! Hahaha!!

  3. okayarms

    September 6

    😀 Wow a lipstick can really make a difference. But I'd rather girls have neutral make up without lipstick or neutral colour lipstick. Whatever that means. lol.

    Happy weekend, Charmaine!

  4. Charmaine Pua

    September 9

    Hahaha no kissable lips for you?

  5. Charmaine Pua

    September 9

    LOL! You can comment on other post ma >__<

  6. Charmaine Pua

    September 9

    Should wear more la… look sweeter geh hehe!

  7. okayarms

    September 9

    I don't like lipstick taste. Wahahaa.

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