Dreaming of A Happily Ever After Home

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Ever read a story that featured a lavish home and wished you lived in it? Be it an extravagant castle brimming with priceless antiques or a cozy cottage nestled at the edge of a lush forest, we have all sighed dreamily as we fantasized about living in our favorite fairy tale house.
My dream house! Photo credits: realestate2buy
My dream house!
Photo credits: realestate2buy
However, as we grew up, we were made to realize how difficult it was to obtain our own home, much less something matching those of our childhood daydreams, and were forced to leave them behind. In recognition of all those long-forgotten desires, iProperty.com Malaysia has launched the Happily Ever After Home campaign, where interested individuals are invited to submit their details via Facebook and answer a simple question. It’s not a dream anymore! To increase your chances of winning, you can spin your own versions of four selected fairy tales that entertained you as children. These fairy tales, which iProperty.com Malaysia has added a modern twist to, are Hensem & Gatal, Rafunzel, Red Riding in da Hood and Jack & the Kacang Panjang (ROFL!). The one to emerge triumphant in the end will ride off into the sunset with RM10,000 to fund their own happily ever after home. A total of 10 Apple TVs are also available as prizes; after all, nothing says ‘luxury’ quite like a nifty gadget that allows you to easily get your favorite shows and movies from the Internet. The Happily Ever After Home campaign is open to all Malaysians above the age of 18. Entries must be submitted no later than 12am on 21st June 2013 and winners will be shortlisted based on the number of likes. A total of 20 contestants with the most likes will then be selected before the winning entries are chosen, which will be based on the creativity of the story they create.
iProperty Happily Ever After Home Contest
iProperty Happily Ever After Home Contest
For those who are interested, check the contest page on the iProperty.com Malaysia website here for more details and submit your entry!
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  1. HerYuan Lau says:

    the house so niceeee!

  2. suituapui says:

    I saw this yesterday…and quickly wrote an original story since they said "their own versions of four selected fairy tales" – over 800 words…and then proceeded to submit my entry.

    Turned out that you do not have to write your own original story – they already have their own storyline…and you just click the silly options of your choice to complete it. Tsk! Tsk! A waste of my effort and time.

    I guess this is like those online contests – a lucky draw…not a contest of your ability to write and write well.

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Haha no worries!
      Post the story in your blog for us to read 😀

  3. Cindy Tong says:

    lovely house!!!!!!!

  4. de engineur says:

    It's like a lucky draw, still it's interesting…but what's there to lose? All the best to all of us.

  5. foongpc says:

    Wah! That's your dream house? The whole building? : D

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Hahaha I wish!
      But I can't even afford 1 unit! 🙁

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