Update on Grandma’s Condition (Part 2)

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27 February 2013
So doctor has confirmed from the result of ultrasound and CT scan that there is a tumor at the common bile duct. In order to know the exact location of the tumor, endoscopy must be done and finally they gave in. If possible, doctor will insert a plastic tube in the common bile duct to let the bile flow. Nothing will be done today as endoscopy will only be done tomorrow. I had a really rough night. It’s very uncomfortable to sleep on a lazy chair since my legs are very long and the metal made my ankles uncomfortable.

28 February 2013
What a long wait. Endoscopy was at 4pm. The nurse asked one of us to wait outside the room just in case if the doctor needs to ask anything and mum volunteered. After the endoscopy, mum said doctor mentioned that the space left in grandma’s common bile duct is too small to even insert a plastic tube cos the tumor is too big and the only option left now is to  do a stenting procedure whereby a metal stent (or more) need to be inserted from her abdomen and connect to the liver (something like that) in order for the bile to flow. Through mum, I also knew that doctor said she won’t be able to last long. Mum seemed to disagree to undergo this procedure cos she said that the doctor mentioned there is risk and she’s afraid grandma might not be able to wake up again after injected with anesthetic. So I asked her “won’t be able to last long means how long?” and “got risk means high or low?”. All also she said dunno. I kinda regret letting her follow grandma along. If I was there, I will surely ask him very clearly. She also assumed that when doctor said “If she is younger, then things would be easier” as a sign that the doctor doesn’t recommend her to undergo the procedure. I insisted to see the doctor again and ask clearly first before deciding. I just couldn’t trust my mum. Mum said that the doctor will not be back for consultation anymore cos if we wanted to do the procedure, another doctor (visiting doctor from UMMC) will be doing it. I nearly lost my mind. Luckily I confirmed with the nurses and they said Dr. Nandy will be coming tomorrow morning (now you know why my mum is untrustable). And when she discusses with my uncles, I said I want to be there also cos I’m scared she might simply convey false information to my uncles and persuade them to disagree with this procedure. To me, I’d rather take the risk (if it’s not too high) than to wait die. Don’t you agree?

I felt extremely sad and it’s really hard to act tough in front of grandma. Thinking that I might lose her soon makes me wanna cry.

1 March 2013
Dr. Nandy finally came. Armed with the questions that I’ve already prepared in Evernote, I fired all the questions to him and I’m glad that he has cleared the air for us. All questions were answered professionally. Apparently, stenting is recommended and the risk is not high. All procedures and surgeries also sure got risk, it’s just whether the risk is high or low. The example I gave my mum is: Doing revision doesn’t guarantee that you will pass your exams. Will you not study? There’s a risk you might fail even if you do revision! Luckily my grandma agreed to do and my mum also gave in after listening to doctor’s clarification. I can go home to rest tonight while mum spends the night at hospital. Grandma is scheduled to do the procedure tomorrow.

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  1. suituapui says:

    Good luck, God be with your grandma…and may He bless you all with strength through these trying times.

  2. Constance Ant says:

    It's true that there's risk in every surgery. But if the risk is low, it's better to undergo surgery to amend the condition.

    I hope your grandma do well!

  3. missyblurkit says:

    Stay strong girl!

  4. Wilson Ng says:

    All the blessing to your grandma. Take care


  5. Huai Bin says:

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandma Charmaine!

    My best wishes and prayers to her! <3

  6. The Dead Cockroach says:

    Hope all is well! Be positive!

  7. chilicandy says:

    sorry to hear about all these you and your family goes through. I hopes your grandma have a safe surgery and recovers fast.
    I think its harder for some people to understand about all these surgeries, their reason, why and how and the implication.
    Don't be so hard up on your mom, she may be just having a very simple thought to everything.

  8. foongpc says:

    Oh so sorry to hear about this! Hope your grandma gets better soon!

  9. HenRy LeE says:

    how's ur grandma now?

  10. Criz Lai says:

    Have some good rest too~ Things would be better now in the hands of the professionals~ Speedy recovery wishes to your Grandma~ 🙂

  11. Kelly Siew says:

    Good luck and be strong!

  12. Charmaine Pua says:

    Thanks all! Grandma is still not fully stable now so she'll be in hospital until further notice 🙁

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