Update on Grandma’s Condition (Part 1)

26 February 2013
Mum asked me to drive grandma to Tung Shin Hospital and consult the Chinese doctor there. They have previously went to Gleneagles Hospital for ultrasound and X-Ray at the abdomen/liver area and doctor confirmed that something has blocked her common bile duct but not sure it’s tumor or gallstone unless she do endoscopy. When they were there, I didn’t follow but according to them, doctor said need to undergo surgery (I highly doubt that, maybe he was saying a procedure but mum thought it is surgery) and they didn’t want it cos mum is afraid grandma might not be able to wake up again after sedated. They didn’t even wanna do an endoscopy that requires a mild sedation. In the end, the Chinese doctor said it’s gallstone by just looking at the X-Ray (I doubt it’s accurate). He said he wouldn’t be able to help much since this requires a procedure so he told us don’t need to look for alternative anymore and straight seek medical help from Western doctor instead.

Since we need to wait 2.5 hours for the Chinese medicine to boil, they decided to go over to the Western department for a second checking just in case the first one isn’t accurate. From the information counter, we were referred to Dr. Ashim Nandy, a specialist in General Surgery, Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and G1 Surgery. He recommended that grandma to be hospitalized and go on IV drip since she always feel nauseous and has no appetite to eat solid food. Within a month or two, she has became very very thin. It hurts to see that all that was left on her is skin and bone, no more meat nor fat. Besides, she also has jaundice that made her skin and urine turned yellow.

Update on Grandma's Condition (Part 1) 1

After waiting from 1pm til 6pm, it was finally grandma’s turn. I accompanied her until the outside of imaging room for her to do ultrasound and CT scan. Since it’s already so late, we will only know the result tomorrow. Going to overnight in hospital tonight.

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