Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe @ Bangsar

Humble Beginnings has been around for some time now and due to their high quality Mille Crepes, it has gained much popularity since they started the business in year 2007 at Johor. Back then, orders were placed via their online store and customers will collect their orders from the pick-up points, normally florists or cafes.

Last month, we were at Humble Beginnings, Bangsar for a review. The shop was very tricky to spot as it was quite hidden. It was previously a florist, one of their pick-up points so they decided to acquire the place when the florist ended their business.

Humble Beginnings: French Vanilla
Humble Beginnings: French Vanilla
I love the fact that it’s not too sweet as my teeth is extremely sensitive with sweet stuff.
The light and subtle taste of French Vanilla suits me and oh-so-creamy!

You can definitely see the passion they have for mille crepes from the effort they put to make each of it. To ensure a high quality mille crepe, it is free from preservatives, additives and all ingredients are of premium grade.

Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe @ Bangsar 1

Apart from fresh ingredients, skill is very important too as it is not easy to arrange all 20 layers of crepes flat and balanced. What makes Humble Beginnings special is, everything is hand-made and hand-layered, a true labour of love! ♥♥♥

Humble Beginnings: Royal Milk Tea & Matcha Latte (Green Tea)
Humble Beginnings: Royal Milk Tea & Matcha Latte (Green Tea)

As the trend of milk teas began to rise, Humble Beginnings has also introduced Royal Milk Tea flavor mille crepes that has a flavorful and rich milk tea flavor. For green tea fans, indulge in the strong green tea taste from the highest grade pure green tea powder from Japan, loaded with red beans in Matcha Latte mille crepe.

Oreo Cookies 'n' Cream
Oreo Cookies ‘n’ Cream

My personal favorite mille crepes flavor: French Vanilla, Peanut Butter Blueberry Blizzard, Oreo Cookies ‘n’ Cream

Chocolate Chip Mocha Cheese Cake
Chocolate Chip Mocha Cheese Cake

Strawberry Mille Sponge
Strawberry Mille Sponge

Besides yummy, smooth mille crepes, Humble Beginnings also offer cheese cakes and sponge cakes! And I have to say that they tastes equally great too! This gives consumer more choices, just in case if mille crepe is not your piece of cake. Chocolate Chip Mocha Cheese Cake is made of chocolate chips with marbled cream cheese and mocha cheese on an Oreo’s base. Definitely sinful!

Musetti coffee: Cappuccino
Musetti coffee: Cappuccino

Humble Beginnings serves coffee from Musetti that originated from Italy and choices ranges from cappuccino, doppio, espresso, cafe latte, long black to cafe mocha. Besides, they also offer chocolate drinks, teas and a variety of sodas.

Humble Beginnings
Humble Beginnings

Charmaine's been here! :p
Charmaine’s been here! :p

Humble Beginnings, Bangsar (Next to Subway)
30, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Humble Beginnings, Straits Quay
3A-G-23, Block A, Ground Floor
Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
10470 Tanjung Tokong,

Tel: 03-2282 8035 (Bangsar) / 04-890 7112 (Straits Quay)

Facebook: Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe


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