Stuck in the Lift

Trapped in Elevator
Trapped in Elevator (Source)

Have you ever get stuck and trapped in a lift? It’s my first time today. And I’m still stuck while writing this. Instead of waiting aimlessly, I decided to write about this experience.

While the lift was heading to the car park at level 2, the lift suddenly went to level 4 after stopping at level 3. Then the indicator showed that we’re at level 1. When I thought never mind la just go out at level 1, the lift ‘shuddered’ and stopped. “Oh shit” was my first thought. There’s no line on our phones so we couldn’t call anyone! So hopeless! The only thing we can do is press the emergency button. The oxygen level is getting lesser and lesser! I normally will faint in this condition! Helpppp~~~~~ I can feel that my heart is beating slower and slower… T.T

If only our smartphones can blow air out…

DAFUQ. The person from Eita Elevators only came after an hour.

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