Movie Review: Soar into the Sun aka R2B: Return to Base (2012)

9 November 2012

Hey all! I’m not sure if anyone noticed my disappearance but I hope someone do miss me :p
All I can say is I’m kinda busy, but I can’t figure out where my time went! It’s a combination of many many things that silently stole all my precious time away 🙁

Few days ago, I had the chance to catch the premiere screening of Soar into the Sun thanks to Nuffnang. After Tae-hun (Rain) performed an unscripted dangerous stunt (Zero knot) during an air show, he was kicked out of Black Eagles, an elite flying team to combat unit. There, he met Se-yeong (Shin Se-kyung), an aircraft maintenance mechanic and they eventually fall in love with each other. I enjoyed the romantic scenes and slapstick comedy a lot, not to mention feasting on the eye candies.

Tae-hun (Rain) in Soar into the Sun
Tae-hun (Rain) in Soar into the Sun

Se-yeong (Shin Se-kyung) in Soar into the Sun
Se-yeong (Shin Se-kyung) in Soar into the Sun

Although the CG parts especially when the civilians were attacked are a bit fake and some scenes of the combat aircraft looked like it’s taken from documentary, but overall it was a good movie. The plot was quite cliche and draggy during the first half of the movie though. Good people who finally gets happy ending will always meet with accident. The movie started to become more suspense as they started to combat with North Koreans and all sorts of tragedies happened! Action wise, boyfie complained that it’s not enough to satisfy him LOL!

Rating: 5/10

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  1. suituapui

    November 9

    Hmmmm….Korean? No, thanks…and not my favoured genre of movies either.

  2. Daniel Chiam

    November 9

    I fell in love with a mechanic xD

  3. Camy

    November 9

    the movie like cool cool de

  4. Isabel

    November 10

    mmm eye candy is correct! xD

  5. Merryn

    November 12

    Realised you have been quiet I tot you went for a holiday 🙂

  6. Xue Ren

    November 12

    arhh! i miss Rain! 😛

  7. Huai Bin

    November 12

    I like the title of the movie – Return to Base, haven't heard that one since my gaming days.

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