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Ring toss1 - #ChurpOut2012 @ Publika

So I managed to join in the fun at ChurpOut2012 @ Publika after going through a wet journey with heavy rain and flash floods! Nevertheless, it was worth it since I get to catch up with fellow bloggers and won some goodies home =) During the 2 hours there, I only managed to play games at Fun Circuit and walked around the Marketplace.

Take a look and see what we’ve played!

Ring Toss
Ring Toss

Ring toss is rated as the second hardest game by yours truly LOL! We were given 3 chances per person and if we get 1 ring on the bottle, we’ll get a stamp. Sounds easy right? HELL NO! We’ve tried sooo many times but to no avail. Alas, the heroine (me) came to the rescue. I even managed to get a stamp for le bf teehee~

Electric Maze
Electric Maze

My eyes are no good so I leave this task for le bf haha luckily he got 3 chances for this too or else he sure disqualified easily!

Zig Zag Wheel
Zig Zag Wheel

So the hardest game in Fun Circuit goes to…. Zig Zag Wheel!!! We’ve both tried so many times (with 3 chances each) until I nearly gave up. But le bf was very determined about it so I went to catch up a bit with some friends and then he came back 5 minutes later with the stamp! Is it my unlucky aura that caused him to lose?! LOL!

Le bf playing High Striker
Le bf playing High Striker

High Striker is obviously a game made for the guys to help girls play LOL! Then the girl will go “ooo he’s so strong!” and a love story begins… but le bf failed at first try wakakaka….

Yours truly trying to be heroine again but failed
Yours truly trying to be heroine again but failed

So I tried to be heroine again, trying to see if I can make it *challenge accepted* but unfortunately it’s too heavy!! @$#&^%$%#

At the end, le bf tried again and succeed!!! WOOHOO~~!!

Our stamps
Our stamps

Due to the heavy rain, the rodeo bull wasn’t set up so they settled at 4 stamps to get a draw. Look what we’ve got!

Lots of snacks including Mister Potato, Mamee and Corntos
Lots of snacks including Mister Potato, Mamee and Corntos

RM 50 shopping credit from DSYR.com
RM 50 shopping credit from DSYR.com

The last thing we did before heading to Paradigm Mall for Looper, was to take a fancy photo at the Marketplace. We got a big booklet of BCard vouchers after that! :p

Thanks for all the fun, ChurpChurp!

Love this photo so much!
Love this photo so much!

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  1. Camy says:

    so sad i didnt get to go 🙁

  2. Daniel Chiam says:

    ahhhhh you can actually get something from getting all the stamps… i thought its just to qualified for the dunked and draw thingy… haha i didnt play all cause i suck at all :p

  3. Cindy says:

    Daniel: all u need is sit back and wait for ur s3!!

  4. josarine says:

    It's too bad I wasn't with you.. we could have cam whored alot hahahaha :p

  5. suituapui says:

    Ahhh!!! Merryn was there. Saw this in her blog earlier. Wahhh!!! Good looking bf you have…

  6. Xue Ren says:

    too bad I had video shootings on, if not i will definitely be there! 😀

  7. Huai Bin says:

    Oh there's a way to get max personal scores at games like High Striker – when you hit the thing make your body weight count by swinging from behind and follow through. Haha! It worked for me at a fun fair once. 🙂

  8. The Yum List says:

    I don't remember the last time I played a carnival game! Looks fun.

  9. choulyin.tan says:

    hahahaa too bad i had to leave early or else would have played all the games! 😀 it was great seeing you there though <3

  10. Shirley Tay says:

    Wow, don't u feel like a big kid? U're having so much fun, dear!

  11. Constance Ant says:

    wah so nice so fun! it has been a while i was at a fun fair le

  12. Diana Diane Teo says:

    So good your bf willing to join the fun with you. If asked my bf go this event, I guess he will immediately run away =="

  13. Twilight Man says:

    Publika seems to be latest hot spot for fun activities now in KL. You all had much fun that day. I like to stroll along the interesting shops there but parking is so limited on weekends.

  14. Weird Dan says:

    Don't worry. I was the same. I failed twice and on my third time and first try, I managed it. LOL…

    Well, been a long time since I last blogged and went for events. I should start doing so once again.


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