Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel

Last 2 weeks was Clumsy Boy’s birthday. I bought this deal at RM 13.90 for a mushroom soup, iced lemon tea, main course and ice cream. I thought this must be a very great deal since it’s at the cafe of a hotel (Grand Pacific Hotel). Upon arriving at Pacifica Cafe, I saw this promotion sign: Mushroom soup + iced lemon tea + main course ONLY RM 13++!!! Hmm that means I only saved on the tax and most probably the ice cream >.<
Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel 1
Pacifica Cafe

Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel 2
The interior of Pacifica Cafe

Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel 3
Mushroom Soup

This is the weirdest soup I’ve ever tasted. It’s smoother than water but yet super salty. No chunks of mushrooms too. Plus, their WIFI is down 🙁 We’re prepared for the worst already.

Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel 4
Chicken Chop

Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel 5
Fish & Chips

Surprisingly, both the main course tasted great! At least it’s within standards. I’m glad I didn’t ruin this birthday celebration *phew*~ My Fish & Chips was fried until golden and crispy on the skin and smooth on the inside.

Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel 6
Refillable Iced Lemon Tea

Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel 7
Mint Ice Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream

Clumsy Boy only got 2 scoops of Mint Ice Cream while I got 3 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream! I guess Mint Ice Cream is more expensive eh? :p

Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel 8
Happy Birthday my dear! <3

Pacifica Cafe
Grand Pacific Hotel,
Jalan Tun Ismail,
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-4042 2177


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  1. Love the last pictures. You both look so cute together. =)

  2. the chicken chops looks good…
    Happy ANIVERSARY… 7 years .. hmm you know what they say?
    LOL … have a good sunday…

  3. Haha.. I experiences such deal before.. very disappointed with the price on the coupon deal!

  4. The reason why I never buy food deal anymore, been encountered with situation like this as well but my main course tasted the worst >.<

    • Hahaha I totally get how you feel.
      But never try, never know right?

  5. Nice deal! Wah, who's the loving couple in the last pix?? Love it!

  6. so reasonably priced in a hotel? not bad ^^

    Latest: Frog Addiction

  7. Huh? Your bf is called Clumsy Boy? Haha!!!

  8. Wah!! One of the word verification is ISTERI!!! It's a sign for you both lah haha!!

  9. Oh! Luckily the food turned out not bad right? If not sure spoilt the whole mood! : )

  10. Btw, just added you to my blog roll : )

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