Yogurugen – “Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit”

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 1
Yogurugen Launch @ 1 Utama

Last week, I was invited to One Utama for the launch of an intestinal food called Yogurugen. The name Yogurugen actually means “source from Yogurt”. Living in the city, we all are well aware how our eating habits are: Unhealthy. Beers, fast food, buffets, instant noodles and potato chips are normally what we have for meals.  Mind you, all these food will not be eliminated totally during bowel movements! The accumulation of toxin after a long time will bring harm to our body i.e. colon cancer!

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 2
Who’s that pretty emcee?? πŸ™‚

Understanding these health concerns, Cason Trading Sdn. Bhd. has brought Yogurugen from Japan to Malaysia. In order to maintain a healthy intestinal system, it encourages good bowel movement as well as replenish our intestine with good bacteria.

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 3
Ms. Kimmie Ong explains how Yogurugen works for our body

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 4
Video showing the mechanism of Yogurugen.
Must drink more water to add it’s efficiency!

According to Kimmie Ong, Health and Beauty product specialist from Cason, ” Yogurugen is the most trusted household brand in Japan for intestinal food and has been in the market for over 30 years, with over 50 million boxes sold. The product mainly helps the circulation of the purified blood in the body and encourages natural excretion of wastes from the body.”

Kimmie added, ”How it works is that the ingredients in the product, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium will multiply as well as produce gases through the breakdown of lactose and oligosaccharide. This process will stimulate defecation after two to four hours of consumption and thus attain the purpose of intestine cleaning. One will also experience comfort after the cleansing and the detox process due to the increase in probiotics released.”

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 5
Yogurugen officially launched!

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 6

Recommended consumption method:

  • Once a week , best in the morning with an empty stomach
  • Advisable to consume during weekends as one might feel the effect faster (2-4 hours after consumption) due to fewer activities
  • Do not eat 2-4 hours after consumption and drink more water.
Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 7
Q&A session: Raise up your hand please!

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 8
Ms. Kimmie Ong doing some further explanation

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 9
Everyone’s hungry! Let’s eat while we talk! πŸ˜€

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 10
Tea time set @ Delicious, 1 Utama

Yogurugen - "Once A Week, Fit Fit Bom Pit Pit" 11
Deep fried mushroom! Yummy!

Yogurugen is available at all major Watsons outlets at RM 68 per box (3 sachets x 50g). For more information on the product, kindly contact Cason at +6 03-7880 6999 or visit their website www.tokyoninki.com.

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  1. I like the word 'intestinal food'. Sounds so healthy! Would love to give it a try πŸ™‚

  2. Eunice

    April 4

    It's yummyyy! I kinda like it.. xD

  3. I do take some probiotics once a while to help replenish the good bacteria in my stomach. I think it helps in the overall digestion.

  4. Tekkaus

    April 5

    So have to detox ourselves from time to time lar. :p Just make sure we don't eat rubbish can already lor.

    • So hard to refrain from not eating rubbish la dear hahaha
      Sometimes we just wanna 'reward' ourselves right?

  5. I see meeeee!!! hahaha..better than bb calling me a 'phail' MC >.< thanks for coming dear!!!

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