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An entrepreneurial venture by four students of Taylor’s University, BeLushley works with underserved communities to produce lip balms in order to invoke social change and it was conceived through the Challenge for Change competition by Digi Telecommunications in 2011.

To ensure a greater impact on the society, women from Kakakhood, an informal community in Sitiawan, Perak is also involved in this project. Single mothers in this community have positively obliged to offer their services in the creation of this product to generate some side income while at the same time having the flexibility to be with their children.

BeLushley Lip Balms 2
Mums get to work together with their children and foster a better relationship too

To produce an all-natural product from local raw materials, they have sourced produced beeswax from the Orang Asli community of Cameron Highlands. Besides that, they are also using Soya Bean Oil and Essential Oil as their ingredient.

BeLushley Lip Balms 3
Produced hygienically

Offering 2 flavours of lip balm at the moment (Orange Zest and Mint Sprig), it replenishes the moisture lost from air conditioning NATURALLY, glides easily and doesn’t have a strong smell. The good news is, it’s also suitable for men as it is not overly glossy.

BeLushley Lip Balms 4
Orange Zest and Mint Sprig

At only RM 8.90, it’s definitely worth the price as the money you pay doesn’t only brings goodness to yourself but also contributes to the society. Do head over to eBay Malaysia to support them or find out more about them in BeLushley’s Facebook Page.

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  1. Good on the four college kids =)

  2. Wow…it is definitely cheap. πŸ™‚

  3. Good to know about such fantastic efforts to help the community. Thanks for sharing this info, off to check their facebook page

  4. Ow a local lip balm izit. Cool cool. I salute all those who helped with the making of the products.

    Good for men too ka? Okay. Is there a local seller at JB ka hehee.

    btw, happy Wednesday, Chairmaine!

  5. good effort to help the community fend for themselves. will check out more about the product:D

  6. Merryn

    March 22

    Sitiawan! I grow up there! This is gooooood…

  7. wow not bad πŸ˜€ maybe a good recommendation too lmao

  8. Xue Ren

    March 23

    thanks for sharing yeah! πŸ˜€

  9. blogguer

    March 23

    another natural product worth to be tried and thank for sharing

  10. Looks like a great product, for a good cause! πŸ˜€

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