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ACA Heels | Modeling PRO @ Amber Chia Academy
Last month, I have finally gathered my courage and enroll for a course (Modeling PRO) in Amber Chia Academy. It has been my childhood ambition and although taking this course doesn’t guarantee that I can become a model, at least I can learn more and take this as an experience (syok sendiri pun boleh lah).

Needless to say, I have became RM 2,800 poorer but I believe this will be a worthwhile experience. I’m currently very worry though on how I’m able to walk in a 5 inch heel. I only wear high heels when there are wedding dinners or Chinese New Year and my high heels are only 1 inch. I foresee that I will go through a lot of pain during this 6 weeks course hahaha *fingers crossed*

5-inch heels from Amber Chia Academy
5-inch heels from Amber Chia Academy

T-shirt from Amber Chia Academy
T-shirt from Amber Chia Academy (luckily I can fit size S :p)

Below is the sneak peek of what I’m going to learn in this 6 weeks. The classes have only 1 shift which is 7pm – 9.30pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was hoping they have day classes though :/

Modeling PRO is a fundamental modeling course that will equip you with essential skills, know-how, practicality and trade secrets, for you to embark on your path to becoming a professional model. This 6-week course will also help you develop confidence in your image, posture & social prowess. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to work as a professional model for general fashion shows & photo shoots.

Chapter 1 ORIENTATION   
  1. •Introduction
  2. •Meet & Greet 
  3. •Course Overview
  4. •Rules & Disciplines of the Academy
  5. •Introduction to Modeling Agencies & Casting Houses

  1. •What makes a professional model
  2. •The image & discipline of a model: hair, eyes, skin, makeup, body, wardrobe, diet, exercise
  3. •The contents of a model’s bag
  4. •Shoes for modeling
  5. •Posture of a model
  6. •A model’s communication skills
  7. •Beauty Tips
  8. •Health Tips
  9. •Exposure
  10. •Casting Calls: what to prepare, what to wear, what to do.
  11. •Understanding dress code
  12. •Understanding different types of events: what to wear, how to behave
  13. •How to carry various gown types
  14. •Career outlook
  15. •Benefits of a modeling career

  1. •Day makeup / Casting makeup
  2. •Night makeup / Fashion Show makeup
  3. •Hair techniques & looks
  4. •Different techniques of fashion show hair buns

  1. •The importance of good body posture
  2. •Head, shoulders & hips posture
  3. •Casual catwalk

Chapter 5  PRO CATWALK
  1. •Expressions, & posing
  2. •How to be camera ready on the runway & at events
  3. •Full turns & half turns
  4. •Hands expression

  1. •Public speaking: 
  2. •how to introduce, express & communicate yourself
  3. •Hair talk: 
  4. •how to take care of your hair & scalp
  5. •hair styling
  6. •Fashion Sense:
  7. •sense & trend
  8. •body proportions
  9. •colour combinations
  10. •style
  11. •Nutrition & Diet:
  12. •What to eat
  13. •Calories
  14. •Exercise
  15. •A model’s diet

  1. •Introduction to photography
  2. •Things to do/prepare before shoot
  3. •Basic tips for snap shots
  4. •Basic posture: how to look tall & slim
  5. •Face angles

For more info, do visit this link.

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  1. Blackswan says:

    Wow, that's really HIGH Heel! During my modelling days, we wore at most 3½" & already killing me. Can't imagine wearing 5".

    Charmaine, I always encourage people to go for modelling. Good exposure. My son was talent-spotted in Orchard Rd couple of times & I strongly encourage him to go for it. Too bad, he's still not keen. Sigh!

  2. Aki says:

    HO ho ho.. That's a lot of Money!! But yeah, I'm sure you can make it Pua Li Ping.. ^_^.v..

  3. Charmaine says:

    Blackswan: Haha thanks for the encouragement! Aiyah your boy should try first. Or else next time he regret!

  4. Charmaine says:

    Aki: Thank you! Haha yeah RM 2.8k is a lot to me T.T

  5. life-muses says:

    wah wah whee! 🙂 good luck and i'm sure you can make it. dont forget to extent invites to me to cover your catwalk yah :p

  6. Eric Lee says:

    woah!!! another one enrolling for amber chia academy…good luck! I'm sure the RM2800 will be well spent…

  7. Nava.K says:

    I have to agree that its money worth investing, I mean its not only about modelling but so many other areas covered like grooming and deportment, nutrition etc etc. All these are so important esp when socialising and dining. You becomes so polish and classy in carrying yourself with confidence.

  8. Isaac Tan says:

    wow! you joined! Waiting for you to look, walk and talk like a model soon 🙂

  9. It’s Me says:

    Wow…u really geng lor…

  10. Charmaine says:

    life-muses: Aiks so fast already fast forward to become model liao lol

    Eric: Haha thanks for the luck. Needed that badly.

    Nava.K: Yeah focusing on personal development now 🙂

    Isaac/It's Me: Thanks!

  11. annant says:

    wah! 2800 well spent i suppose!

    do update us on the course ya. and show how you strut om the runway!

  12. suituapui says:

    I saw her being interviewed on tv yesterday, I think… Witch was in the academy and had a lot of posts on her experiences there. Looked like she had a great time. Have fun…and good luck!

  13. Charmaine says:

    annant: I'll try my best to do so! 🙂

    suituapui: Yes, Witch is still taking course there. Just had my first class, feeling stressed out now!

  14. MichLeong says:

    Next time I see you, you'll look different! 5inch is really high! Fuh..

  15. Camy says:

    interesting! all the best in ur class!

  16. Charmaine says:

    MichLeong: No lah… I'm still me :p

    Camy: Thanks for your encouragement!

  17. [SK] says:

    nah, i think RM2800 is ok.. you can earn that back, but more importantly, the skills and knowledge is then always with you – priceless!! 🙂

  18. iamthewitch says:

    Woo hoo! You've joined the first class! I'm so happy 🙂 You'll have lots of fun I promise! And you'll come out looking more confident and sure of yourself. GOOD LUCK k!

  19. Charmaine says:

    [SK]: Yeah! I'm going to treasure this chance!

    iamthewitch: Thanks for your kind words! Really needed some encouragement! Love ya lots!

  20. FiSh says:

    lol you're already so tall, still wanna wear 5 inches? aww i will look like a dwarf beside u later

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  21. khengsiong says:

    Oh you want to be a model? That's great. I hope your wish will be fulfilled 🙂

  22. khengsiong says:

    BTW, if you want to practice, I am more than happy to be the photographer 😛

  23. Maurice says:

    Wowzers! 5 inch heels!
    Being a "tall pisces girl" do you even need those? 😉 Actually, how tall are you?

    Good luck!

    1. Charmaine says:

      Haha I'm 173cm 😀

  24. Maurice says:

    Mmmm, 173cm that's indeed not really small. And for a Malaysian girl quite tall, I guess. In my country that's about average length for a woman. Hihi.

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