Alicafe vs. Cafe21

Erm OK, first things first. This is not an advertorial although I’m going to compare 2 brands in this post. I’m actually doing it to educate consumers on how to choose which brand/type of coffee to buy cos I’m a coffee addict. My favorite coffee is Alicafe but because it’s not cheap, I was planning to switch to another brand. I’ve previously tested Cafe21 and felt that it tastes almost the same as Alicafe and the price is also a lot cheaper so initially I thought of switching to Cafe21. BUT, when I read the Nutrition Information at the back of the packing, I was a bit shocked to find that Alicafe is actually healthier than Cafe21!

   Cafe21 vs. Alicafe   
Energy (per 100g)
   420 kcal   
> 76.1 kcal
Carbohydrate (per 100g)   
75 g
60.6 g
< 14.4 g
Protein (per 100g)
2.5 g
6.1 g
> 3.6 g
Fat (per 100g)
12 g
25.7 g
> 13.7 g
What I concern most is energy and fat since these 2 are the key elements that will make a person fat :p
However, we must also take note that Cafe21 only contain 12g per stick while Alicafe has 30g per stick. Therefore, I think Cafe21 is healthier for people who only drinks one cup per day because you only drink 12g serving size. Meanwhile, if you drink 2 cups per day, I’d suggest you buy Alicafe and divide 1 pack to drink twice.
Actually after analyzing this, I think I’ll buy Cafe21 next time because I only drink once a day!
Alicafe vs. Cafe21 1

Alicafe vs. Cafe21 2
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