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Modeling PRO @ Amber Chia Academy


Last month, I have finally gathered my courage and enroll for a course (Modeling PRO) in Amber Chia Academy. It has been my childhood ambition and although taking this course doesn’t guarantee that I can become a model, at least I can learn more and take this as an experience (syok sendiri pun boleh lah).

Needless to say, I have became RM 2,800 poorer but I believe this will be a worthwhile experience. I’m currently very worry though on how I’m able to walk in a 5 inch heel. I only wear high heels when there are wedding dinners or Chinese New Year and my high heels are only 1 inch. I foresee that I will go through a lot of pain during this 6 weeks course hahaha *fingers crossed*

5-inch heels from Amber Chia Academy
5-inch heels from Amber Chia Academy

T-shirt from Amber Chia Academy
T-shirt from Amber Chia Academy (luckily I can fit size S :p)

Below is the sneak peek of what I’m going to learn in this 6 weeks. The classes have only 1 shift which is 7pm – 9.30pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was hoping they have day classes though :/

Modeling PRO is a fundamental modeling course that will equip you with essential skills, know-how, practicality and trade secrets, for you to embark on your path to becoming a professional model. This 6-week course will also help you develop confidence in your image, posture & social prowess. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to work as a professional model for general fashion shows & photo shoots.
Chapter 1 ORIENTATION   
  1. •Introduction
  2. •Meet & Greet 
  3. •Course Overview
  4. •Rules & Disciplines of the Academy
  5. •Introduction to Modeling Agencies & Casting Houses
  1. •What makes a professional model
  2. •The image & discipline of a model: hair, eyes, skin, makeup, body, wardrobe, diet, exercise
  3. •The contents of a model’s bag
  4. •Shoes for modeling
  5. •Posture of a model
  6. •A model’s communication skills
  7. •Beauty Tips
  8. •Health Tips
  9. •Exposure
  10. •Casting Calls: what to prepare, what to wear, what to do.
  11. •Understanding dress code
  12. •Understanding different types of events: what to wear, how to behave
  13. •How to carry various gown types
  14. •Career outlook
  15. •Benefits of a modeling career
  1. •Day makeup / Casting makeup
  2. •Night makeup / Fashion Show makeup
  3. •Hair techniques & looks
  4. •Different techniques of fashion show hair buns
  1. •The importance of good body posture
  2. •Head, shoulders & hips posture
  3. •Casual catwalk
Chapter 5  PRO CATWALK
  1. •Expressions, & posing
  2. •How to be camera ready on the runway & at events
  3. •Full turns & half turns
  4. •Hands expression
  1. •Public speaking: 
  2. •how to introduce, express & communicate yourself
  3. •Hair talk: 
  4. •how to take care of your hair & scalp
  5. •hair styling
  6. •Fashion Sense:
  7. •sense & trend
  8. •body proportions
  9. •colour combinations
  10. •style
  11. •Nutrition & Diet:
  12. •What to eat
  13. •Calories
  14. •Exercise
  15. •A model’s diet
  1. •Introduction to photography
  2. •Things to do/prepare before shoot
  3. •Basic tips for snap shots
  4. •Basic posture: how to look tall & slim
  5. •Face angles

For more info, do visit this link.

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