Finding My Dream Car @ Carsifu


Anyone remember about the accident I’ve gotten myself into last year? After I got back my car from the workshop, things were never the same again. Seriously. The parts of my car started to break down one by one. So I needed to send my car to workshop once every two months and it’s not cheap.

If you haven’t known, I’m actually a money savvy person. From my analysis, it would be wiser to buy a new and higher quality car than maintaining an old car. BTW, my little Kenari is already 8 years old and I maintained it quite well so I guess it could fetch a good second hand price *proud*.

Anyone can guess what kind of car I have in mind? Hehe my car preference is none other than Honda! My dad used to own a Honda Accord 2 decades ago so I guess I’ll go for Honda Accord too (the latest design of course :p). But the big question is: Where can I find the best bargain for Honda cars?? Of course, reliability is a must too cos we’re not buying vegetables here if you know what I mean.

After a round of Googling, I stumbled upon this website called which is a car trading portal. People can post their cars for sale and they can also buy cars from here. Sounds interesting! So I explored around and figured how this portal works. It’s as simple as ABC really. You just need to register as a member or login if you’re already a member, browse around for your dream car and click on it to see the spec of the car. If you’re interested, leave your contact and they will call you back for viewing. When it comes to purchasing car, how can you not view it and just buy right?

Finding My Dream Car @ Carsifu 1
Carsifu has a large variety of Honda cars to choose from!

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I’m still in the midst of shopping for the right car with the right price for me.
Till then, ciao!

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