A Trip to Desa Park City

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IMAG0680 | A Trip to Desa Park City
Actually Ah Boy promised to bring me here 1 year ago… YES 1 YEAR!! Then he procrastinated and after some nagging from me, he finally brought me here! :p

It’s very nice lor… how I wish have a house here. But I know it’s just a dream. You know why? Cos the houses here are priced at least 1 million… 🙁 It’s really worth it though, having all kinds of facilities and secured community. The trees inside also more than other housing areas LOL!

Come enjoy some pics I’ve shot!

IMAG0680 | A Trip to Desa Park City
Aha! We are civilized people… must clean up after your pet!

IMAG0685 | A Trip to Desa Park City
I wonder what happened to this river 🙁

IMAG0686 | A Trip to Desa Park City
This guy is so pro! He purposely make his kite fly until almost touch the water, then he brought it back up!

IMAG0679 | A Trip to Desa Park City
The lake

IMAG0682 | A Trip to Desa Park City
Looks like the Hollywood word right? Hahahaha


  1. Kelvin says:

    Hahaha, the dog looks more like the master in the sign 😀

  2. Rex Fonseka says:

    Blogwalking. Why is there no one around the park?

  3. Charmaine says:

    Rex: Hahaha there are! But the park is so big! Most people are around the playground area 🙂

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