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Priest 2 | Movie Review: Priest

Thanks to Nuffnang, Ah Boy and I gets to watch the Special Screening. Like Resident Evil, we need to surrender our gadgets before admission. I personally liked the twist in the movie and also the Priest’s cool solar powered and nitro enabled motorcycle! LOL!

Basically, the story is about a Priest who went against the order of the church to save his niece whose family has been attacked by vampires. His niece has been kidnapped by the vampire but her family has been killed. Priest is going to save her niece before she is being turned to a vampire. Love the Priest’s great fighting skill. Like playing Fruit Ninja hahahaha! At the end, only the bad guy’s hat was left. Subjective ending. Is he dead? Or he was thrown to a far place? ;p

Some people commented that the 3D version is not worth watching because it was non existent.

Priest 2 | Movie Review: Priest
Be prepared!

Priest 26 | Movie Review: Priest
Sexy Maggie Q! <3

Rating: 8/10


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