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Green Lantern 2 | Movie Review: Green Lantern
Green Lantern 2 | Movie Review: Green Lantern

Green Lantern 1 | Movie Review: Green Lantern

Green Lantern 3 | Movie Review: Green Lantern

Well, as a kid, I never read any Marvel or DC comic books. I know guys will surely laugh at me but if you’re a girl, you’ll understand. Therefore my review will not be based on its comic but the movie as a whole.

IMHO, the story is interesting enough, has a lot of lessons to be learnt if you can catch it. What are the lessons?
  1. Remember, your enemy is not gonna play fair.
  2. Although the Green Lantern Corps has made a yellow ring but they did not use it. Why? Because although it’s more powerful than green ring, it’s wrong to use a bad power.
  3. Willpower FTW!!!

I think it’s satisfactory to my level. I love Blake Lively a lot, her looks and the way she speaks is perfect. According to Ah Boy though, he expected more from this movie. He claimed that Parallax died too fast and he thought the yellow ring will be used. I thought someone among the lanterns will use it and became bad guy too so that they can have Green Lantern II later hahahaha it seemed that I really thought too much. Update: Apparently, the yellow ring was used by the Captain! My prediction was correct! It was shown during the credits, that’s why I missed it T.T This movie is not as good as X-Men First Class and Thor though. If you have an overly-critical tastes in entertainment, you will be disappointed.

Here are some interesting facts I found from IMDB:
Isn’t Green Lantern black? (this is the exact question Ah Boy asked so this answer is dedicated to him LOL)
While there have been many Green Lanterns, John Stewart, an African-American man, is familiar to many from his role in Cartoon Network’s Justice League cartoons, where he was a lead character and featured in many of the show’s storylines. The character’s popularity has assured him a prominent role in the comics as one of several Lanterns, including Hal Jordan, patrolling Sector 2814. The first Green Lantern is the World War II-era superhero Alan Scott, an engineer who found a magic green lantern and made a ring that allowed him to tap its powers. The other Lanterns are all members of the Green Lantern Corps. First is Hal Jordan who received his from Abin Sur, who was hurt and later died from injuries when his spaceship crashed. Guy Gardner was second as a backup should anything happen to Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Stewart replaced Guy Gardner as a backup for Jordan. Kyle Rayner became the “last” Green Lantern when Jordan became infected with the Parallax and went on a murderous rampage. The only other member of the Green Lantern Corps who became a GL for Earth is Jade, the daughter of Alan Scott who was given one of the spare Power Rings. So there are 6 Green Lanterns of Sector 2814 (Earth and surrounding space).

Rating: 8/10


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