Starbucks Complimentary Coffee Tasting @ Sunway Pyramid (New Wing)

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In conjunction with Starbuck’s 40th Anniversary yesterday, they’ve held a coffee tasting session in 17 stores. It’s scheduled at 8pm but when we arrived at 8.10pm, the room is still empty. This is Malaysian culture LOL… they only started at 8.40pm.

The staff started by introducing the new products and logo (yea they have a new logo now) and then, food tasting begins!!! The main character is Starbucks Tribute Blend of course which combines Colombia Narino, Papua New Guinea, Aged Sumatra and Sun-Dried Ethiopia coffee. What an art! Then, we tasted Cocoa Cappuccino which I think is superrrr delicious! I’m gonna order this next time.

Moving on to pastries, we had Cake Pops, cupcakes and brownies! Super full weh…. If I knew, I wouldn’t eat my dinner first before going =P

Waiting patiently for it to start

The logo that everyone’s gonna miss

Telling his story in Starbucks

Pouring us the coffee
Starbucks Tribute Blend
Pair with Ferrero Rocher!
Cocoa Cappuccino!
I forgot what brownie is this hahahaha!
Small portion of cupcake
Carrot Cake Mini Cupcake
Chocolate Nuts Cake Pop & Birthday Cake Pop!
Inside is vanilla sponge cake
Super delicious cupcakes =)
Freebies!!! Contains a pack of aromatic coffee powder, Starbucks keychain and voucher =)
Happy Birthday, Starbucks! I LOVE YOU!