Fighting Umbrella Corporation



As Alice, I will find a way to communicate with all the zombies that are wandering around.

Once I’ve succeeded in communicating with them, I will direct them to go up against Umbrella Corporation with me.

As all the zombies are attacking the Corporation together to keep all the guards busy, I will slip through and look for the mastermind.

With my training all these years from fighting zombies, killing the mastermind would be like snatching a candy from zombie. After the mastermind is dead, it’ll be very easy to deal with the rest.

I’ll take over the Umbrella Corporation and instead of creating more zombies, I will direct those scientists to create a cure. Something that will be able to tame the zombies.
With zombies tamed, I will create an area for the tamed zombies to occupy so that tamed zombies and living human can live together in peace.

That area will be known as Resident Evil Civil.