Why Vampires Suck? (A Guy’s Perspective)

Why Vampires Suck? (A Guy's Perspective) 1

I used to admire vampires because they never grow old and they won’t die… at least not so easily.
The only bad thing about vampires is the fact that they need to drink blood to survive.
However, due to the new twist in vampires movie/series such as Twilight Saga (thanks to Stephanie Meyer) and Vampires Diaries, I started to dislike them and thinks that they really REALLY SUCK!!!

Why Vampires Suck? (A Guy's Perspective) 2

Why is the sudden change?
It is because now they use Super-cool-and-Handsome hunk as the cast of vampire and that has made all the girls gone crazy about vampire and left us non-vampire guys as the Super-not-Cool-and-not-Handsome lot.
They have taken all our ladies’ attention and left us with none anymore. They had turned the ladies from disliking vampires to idolizing/worshiping the vampires.
How are we, the non-vampire guys, going to scare the ladies using vampires anymore during our late night outing so that the ladies will hug us when they are scared?
The vampires have ruined everything and they are really SUCK!!!