What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half


Aren’t you curious on what distance I’d go for my other half?

Revealing for the first time, here’s a list of it:

  1. Apply hand cream so that my dear can always hold my smooth hands

  2. Apply Vaseline every night to ensure my dear can kiss on soft and supple lips everyday
  3. Apply body butter to ensure my dear can hug my silky smooth body

Did I hear someone saying “How come all the stuffs you do seems like benefits yourself more?”
Answer: Because I’m just joking la…. OK the serious part is here:

  1. I’m willing to travel 20km from my house at Cheras to his house at Kepong and another 20km from his house back to mine every Saturday.
  2. I give him surprises! (Lately bought him a car MP3 player that he REALLY needs)
  3. And the last but not least… I went as far as to write this post so that he gets the chance to watch Going the Distance! I LOVE YOU DEAR!!