Lunch at Vivo @ The Curve

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Vivo @ The Curve | Lunch at Vivo @ The Curve
I never thought this post would be so back dated hahaha sorry ya… Actually this post is meant to be wrote 2 weeks ago :p

So 2 weeks ago, me and bf went to Vivo for lunch since quite a lot of food at The Curve is kinda pricey (besides Kim Gary) and we need to save money hahaha…

So we only ordered 2 things: Italian Deluxe 7″ Thin Crust Pizza @ RM 11.90 and Iced Mocha @ RM 7.90. The Iced Mocha looks like the 3 layer tea that is kinda popular in restaurants right now 🙂

Vivo @ The Curve

Italian Deluxe 7 inch Thin Crust RM 11.90

Iced Mocha RM 7.50


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