My New Shoe – Crocs Lexi


Last week, I finally bought a pair of new shoes to replace my existing shoe. My existing shoe’s base is already so thin to the extend where I can feel the texture of the road with my feet.

So here’s the shoe I bought, Lexi from Crocs which costs me RM 169. Initially I wanted size 9 but it’s out of stock so I took size 10 instead since I tried it and it’s only a little loose.

My New Shoe - Crocs Lexi 1

But when I really start wearing it to work only I felt it’s actually not a bit loose, it’s VERY loose!! Sometimes I can feel as if it’s going to slip out any time. At the end, I bought Scholl’s Air-Pillo Comfort Half Insoles and stick it at the front of the shoe. Yea my shoe fits perfectly now but it feels kinda weird cos the insoles are very soft at the front and the shoe is hard at the back. The front part feels a bit hot too :S