Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’

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this is it movie poster | Michael Jackson 'This Is It'
this is it movie poster | Michael Jackson 'This Is It'
When I saw on the newspaper that the movie will only be on for 2 weeks and how it has been fully booked, I was afraid I can’t get a hold on it. Appears that it’s only fully booked though, not fully sold.

There’s not as many ‘fake’ MJ in action as from what I heard in MyFM few days ago. I can say that 60-70% is Michael Jackson himself. If you haven’t noticed, the guy in silver coat and red pants is not MJ himself.

I think the best part of this movie is not the singing or dancing part (we can see all that in this concert DVD) but I can see MJ in his real life i.e. how he communicates with others, how he knows his own song so well and how he behaves in front of ppl. This is something we can’t always see.

I felt kinda sad when they interview the dancers that went to the audition. Those who have selected must have felt very disappointed and sad because they couldn’t do the real concert with MJ at the end. Dancing with MJ is their dream. Being a person who likes dancing, I felt like dancing with them too upon looking at their dance moves. Hahaha…

Anyway, this is a must watch movie. Definitely no regret.

This is a part of the scene from ‘This Is It’:


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