My Robbery in KL Experience on 5th April 2007

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As promised, this is my robbery in KL experience. Time passed so fast, it’s been 2 years already but I guess police’s efficiency didn’t improve after all.

Robbery in KL Experience

Around 6.30am, I left my house to go university and on my way to my car, suddenly a motorcycle with 2 Malay guys came towards me. I was already aware the they’re robbers and already tried to avoid them but the Malay guy still got off from the motorcycle. With a knife in his hand, he demanded that I let go of my belongings (bag and laptop). I screamed twice, hoping that someone will come and help but have to let go of my belongings when I knew nobody will come and help. After they fled away, I went around with my car to see if I can find them but I failed. Feeling down and angered, I went back to my house and called my bf to tell him everything. Remembering that my assignment report has been stolen, I started to do it again but I felt even more frustrated when I remembered that my pencil box has been stolen as well. Cousin sis came to visit and comfort me. Later, called all the banks, Digi and Maxis to block my ATM cards and SIM cards. Really hate Digi’s customer service hotline cos they talk a lot of crap before you can reach the customer service staff. At 9am, went to Maluri’s Police Station to lodge a report. I know lodging a report won’t help cos they say will investigate and then you will never hear from them again. But anyway, report is better then none… Looking at how the police work really made me felt like I wanna become a police too. Not because I wanna catch criminals and maintain country’s safety but because their work is so damn easy! Just type report, call Sarjans, talk with them, print report and collect money from you only. I did ask the Sarjan ‘Why so many cases already still can’t catch them?’. But he said got… I don’t really believe cos I have witnessed with my own eyes 2 months before, an auntie got robbed just at the road in front of my house. I asked him ‘Why cannot set a trap to catch them e.g ask a police to act as normal residence and let them rob and then catch them)?’. Then he said the robbers will know. (That is because you all dunno how to hide properly!) After lodging report, went to apply for replacement I/C near Maluri (fine RM 30) and then took photo at JJ and ate at Kim Gary before going to Bandar Sri Permaisuri to apply a new driving license (fine RM 20). Then went to Times Square’s A Look to buy new spec and get back my Digi sim card. Walked to Sg. Wang to buy stationaries, apply new ATM card at Maybank (RM 12) and get back my Hotlink sim card. Digi sim card replacement is free but Hotlink wan need to pay RM 10. That’s why I always think that Digi is better than Maxis. When I reached home, found that my Digi’s credit less RM 50 already. Checked via internet and found that IDD calls have been made after it is stolen. Wanted to give the number to police but I know they won’t be able to do anything also because it’s already out of this country. In own country also cannot catch, don’t say out of the country. Then, when I inserted my sim card, they said haven’t registered yet. Oh my god!!! Hotlink is really very inefficient! At night, my cousin sis told me that an auntie also got robbed at 7pm when she was on her way back from Pasar Malam. I know that the robbers will come and rob again at my place and if I can take their video using my digital camera, they’re doomed. But one question is: Will the police able to catch them if I have their video? Honestly speaking, I don’t really trust their efficiency. Some more from what I read in Lelong Forum, if they caught the robbers and ask you to go and identify them, they will be able to see you straight and stare at you when they are brought into the room!!! How unprofessional! Later they come and revenge, really die… That is why people nowadays don’t want to become witness and don’t want to help even if they saw you’re being robbed or anything. The world is too dangerous. Every time when I walk out from the house, there is a fear inside me because once you got out from your house, you have the risk of not being able to return again. People said “you have to be aware” but let me tell you one thing: Beware doesn’t help. I already beware but if their target is me, I can’t run cos I’m walking and they have motorcycle. Some more they have knife and I don’t have any weapon. If I have weapon also, I might not be strong enough to fight him. And if I have luck and able to hurt or kill the first guy, I can’t guarantee that I will be unhurt too cos you have to remember there is another one guy who might own a gun! If I did not bring anything out, they might have hurt me as well. I guess there are already a lot of such cases before where the victim has too less money with him and because of this, the robber gave him a good stab. So my advice is: Don’t go out if you don’t need to. This is the only way to ensure your safety. P/S: I miss my mp3s, videos, photos and tutorial answers. The worse thing about being robbed is you don’t have privacy anymore. Robbers know what your name is, where you stay, where you study etc.


  1. says:

    Darn those robbers. Now I am afraid of my gf coming to kl to work.

  2. suituapui says:

    Scary!!! Guess there's nothing much one can do other than be extra careful, stay in more…and pray!

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Sigh… how pathetic right?

  3. chilicandy says:

    i really felt the police department needs a good revamp too… oh, basically all the agency in Malaysia need a good revamp… we find so many problems with their efficiency… >.<

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