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Swissline Cell Shock Age Intelligence – Augmented Beauty is Reality

22 October 2018
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We always hear about anti-aging, but Swissline is upping the ante of skincare with a renewed and revitalized classic using a revolutionary approach of youth inducing by boosting the skin’s own self-recovery potential.

After a decade since the launch of Cell Shock Age Intelligence, the Swiss-born range has transitioned to the new age of skincare for the new generation of users while holding fort with the first generation of users by retaining the classic Madecassoside as the core ingredient.

This year, Cell Shock Age Intelligence is improved to tackle urban lifestyle hazards such as stress, jetlag, sun abuse and serious partying that make women age faster.

Swiss line Cell Shock White Enhanced with Diamond Clusters

16 October 2017
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Since the debut of Swiss line Cell Shock White collection 7 years ago, they have been widely known for delivering successful whitening skincare results. Living up to their tagline “no whiter than Cell Shock White”, Swiss line has achieved a new breakthrough by advancing whitening to brightening and clarity in their reformulation. The new definition of beautiful skin is to have an impeccable healthy glow, as precious as diamonds.

How to Recover from Dry Winter Skin

3 April 2017
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I went to Hong Kong kinda unprepared and came back with dry winter skin. Looking back, I can’t really prepare too because all my skin products are in full size and I didn’t buy baggage allowance when I go there in order to save cost. So unless I scoop out the products and pack them, I won’t be able to bring them along. I was already super busy planning the 7 days itinerary and hence, I certainly don’t have the time to do all these.

How to Recover from Dry Winter Skin

I’m glad that I have a lot of amazing products at home to help me on the road to recovery. After just a week, I can see a lot of improvements already. That’s why I wanna share you guys my daily regime during this one week! Some of these products are not the latest products in the market but I really liked them after trying and repurchased.