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Shizens VISAGE Collection [Review]

22 March 2017
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Shizens believes that everyone has a unique natural beauty that should not be concealed but to be revealed instead. Shizens is here to help us restore our confidence level by revealing our natural beauty!

I came back from Hong Kong with very dry skin because the air there very cold and dry. My skin was harsh to touch. I have started my rescue service before getting my Shizens VISAGE Collection but the recovery was slow. After using VISAGE collection, it started to recover faster. Now, my skin feels a lot smoother and firmer without needing to put much effort. Curious to know what is Shizens VISAGE Collection? Let me show you!

Review: Shizens Time Resistance Essence

1 May 2014

I’d have to admit that age is catching up with me and I’m sure you noticed that I didn’t blog as much as I did cos I’m busy preparing for my wedding! I’m glad that Shizens, the brand that understands the importance of maintaining beauty, is proud to introduce the all-new Time Resistance Essence, a firming skincare product that helps women to realize their dreams of keeping skin firm and supple throughout the day while performing their daily tasks.

Shizens Time Resistance Essence

Shizens Time Resistance Essence

Benefits of Shizens Time Resistance Essence:

  1. Protecting and moisturizing the skin
  2. Counter harmful factors and decelerate skin aging
  3. Reinforces and supports the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and forms an effective barrier against moisture loss by restoring Ceramides level in skin
  4. High level of moisture makes skin firmer and healthier

Time Resistance Essence focuses on nourishing, firming, moisturizing and brightening the skin. This acts as a confidence booster for women, allowing them to perform their daily tasks with ease by showcasing their inner and outer beauty at the same time, a key combination that exhibits the true attractiveness of a woman.

Shizens Time Resistance Essence's pump dispenser

Shizens Time Resistance Essence’s pump dispenser

Shizens Time Resistance Essence's milky color and texture

Shizens Time Resistance Essence’s milky color and texture

Test on my hand - difference between with and without Shizens Time Resistance Essence

Test on my hand – difference between with and without Shizens Time Resistance Essence

  • Nourishing
    Time Resistance Essence nourishes skin with precisely selected ingredients such as Ceramide (plant-derived lipids), Kalanchoe Spathulata extract, Sodium Hyaluronate and others that synergize perfectly with each other to hold skin cells together and rebuild the skin barrier, while hindering the grow of harmful free radicals to decelerate skin aging.
  • Firming
    Time Resistance Essence strengthens existing Ceramides levels and stimulates regeneration for firmer and smoother skin. It helps to maintain high levels of Ceramides in the stratum corneum, thus restoring the barrier function that protects the skin from external harmful agents such as environmental pollution, UV rays, dust and others.
  • Moisturizing
    With the presence of Sodium Hyaluronate, Time Resistance Essence is able to boost up the water levels in the skin, ensuring it stays moist and hydrated all day long.
  • Brightening
    Ceramide plays an important role in Time Resistance Essence. It seals the damaged skin barrier in order to hold sufficient moisture level in skin. Time Resistance Essence boost up the moisture level in skin, thus the brightening effect take place.

After using Shizens Time Resistance Essence for 3 weeks, the skin on my face felt firmer than before. During a food review, my friend even commented that my pores appeared smaller! The milky lotion was fast absorbing so it makes taking care of my skin a speedy process. I complemented my regime with Shizens Replenish Nutrient Expert for maximum results and it was great! My skin remained soft and supple throughout the whole day.

Before and After 3 Weeks Usage of Shizens Time Resistance Essence

Before and After 3 Weeks Usage of Shizens Time Resistance Essence

Shizens Replenish Nutrient Expert

Shizens Replenish Nutrient Expert

How to Apply:
Apply Time Resistance Essence on face and neck after lotion every morning and evening. Massage gently until it absorbs.

In a research based on 30 users, persistence result can be seen in 4 weeks after continuous usage of Time Resistance Essence for 14 days.

100% of them feels their skin is more supple and firm within 14 days
95% of them feels their skin is well hydrated all day long
90% of them feels their skin is more radiant than before

Time Resistance Essence will be available at all Shizens counters nationwide on 2nd May 2014, retailing at
RM 618 / 30ml. Stay tuned for more updates on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/shizensmalaysia or follow them on Instagram @myshizens.

Interested to get a 7 days trial?
From 2 – 31 May, present the invitation from
Klang Valley
Pavilion KL
1 Utama
Paradigm Mall
AEON IOI Puchong
Isetan KLCC
Metrojaya Mid Valley

Gurney Plaza
Parkson Ipoh Parade

Parkson Mahkota Parade
KSL City Mall

East Malaysia
Parkson Wisma Sanyan, Sibu
Parkson Bintang Plaza, Miri
Metrojaya Suria KK
Metrojaya City One

30 April – 4 May — 1 Utama, Ground Floor (opposite information counter)
6 May – 18 May — Berjaya Time Square, Ground East
19 – 25 May — Mid Valley North Court
27 May – 1 June — The Curve (opposite information counter)


Fill in your details at www.shizens.com to redeem Time Resistance Essence 7 days trial (you can choose your preferred counter to redeem the trial)

Other Shizens products:

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Shizens Hydro Range

Shizens Shui

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Besides, Shizens will be uploading the 10 finalist for each category for Stand Firm Stay Firm photo contest to www.standfirmstayfirm.com. Remember to vote cos lucky voters will stand a chance to win prizes worth RM 1,600!

P/S: Thank you to The Butterfly Project for the opportunity to review this product first hand! =)

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Shizens Stand Firm Stay Firm Contest

10 April 2014
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Since ancient times, women were rarely offered opportunities to work and learn. Yet, their inner strength can still be seen through their roles of giving birth to new life, taking care and protecting their family. But as time passed, women began demonstrating their capabilities in undertaking more responsibilities, raising a family as well as being part of the workforce and contributing to social welfare. As evolution enhanced the confidence level of every woman allowing them to showcase their inner strength, they still recognized the importance of physical beauty and strive to maintain their outer beauty through various means.

I can totally relate on this matter. While juggling between work and family, I still need to take care of myself especially health and skin! Doesn’t matter how busy I am, I’ll still try to find the time to pamper myself so I can recharge and move further.

Shizens Stand Firm Stay Firm Contest
Shizens Stand Firm Stay Firm Contest

As a means of acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of all women, Shizens has organized “Stand Firm Stay Firm” contest from 2 April – 30 April 2014 where customers and fans will stand to win loads of attractive prizes by displaying their inner strength and outer beauty through a photo contest. It aims to display the outer beauty of women while also revealing their inner strength, which serves as an encouragement for them to stand firm within our society.

Photography Theme: Strong emotions, Human & Feminine

The photography contest is divided into 2 categories; Photography Enthusiasts and Mobile Photography.

Photography Enthusiasts
Open to all photography lovers who has the passion of bringing picture to life!


  • Photograph shall be taken using compact camera, DSLR camera (or of its similar)
  • Minimum image size is: 5MB
  • Studio photography with lightings are allowed

Mobile Photography
Specially dedicated to all smartphone photographers! Mobile photography has made huge strides in this modern era and we’ve seen lots of talented mobile photographers over the years.


  • Must be taken by a smartphone or any other mobile devices.
  • To take part via Instagram, hashtag #standfirmstayfirm on your photo
Shizens Stand Firm Stay Firm Contest Prizes
Shizens Stand Firm Stay Firm Contest Prizes

Exciting prizes to be won! Join now at www.standfirmstayfirm.com! =)

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