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A Grouposal: Mei Chen, Will You Marry Me? From Loke Hing Seong

8 November 2011
Now, this is new! On 8 November 2011, this guy called Loke Hing Seong proposed by posting a deal in Groupon Malaysia! So sweet~~ 
The content of the ‘deal’ is quite humorous too :p Read it from my screenshots and you’ll get what I mean. I’m quite sure he’s an IT guy LOL! This is how an IT person proposed:

And she accepted!! But… now she needs to go and claim the ring?
Or he will deliver it to her? Hahaha!
Anyway, wish them bliss and happiness! <3

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10 Signs He’s Not the One

2 February 2010

Some people say they “just knew” that they were dating their future spouse. But what about the rest of us? What happens when you’re not sure if he’s The One? If you’re considering long-term commitment or marriage, it’s time to ask yourself some tough questions. Below, 10 signs that may indicate he’s not for you.

1. You have a list of things he needs to stop doing/saying/wearing if he wants your relationship to work.
If you’re fixating on his flaws, he’s either not the one you want or you’re not ready for a serious relationship. Cutting him loose allows you time to grow and gives you the opportunity to meet a guy whose flaws you can embrace — or at least accept.

2. You don’t trust him.
A small dose of jealousy can be healthy, but if you’re hacking into his email account, and going berserk when he goes out without you, something’s wrong. If there’s something about him that truly warrants your distrust, then perhaps he’s not the right one for you.

3. You avoid conflict at any cost.
Fighting is healthy. And, when done right (in the non-accusatory, rational sort of way), it can be a great way to air grievances, fix problems in your relationship, and come to a deeper understanding of each other. Ignoring problems is not the same as having no problems at all… even if it looks that way.

4. When you’re sad, you don’t turn to him for comfort.
When you’re a giant ball of tears and snot, do you lock yourself into the bathroom so he can’t see you at your worst? If you’re worried about scaring him away, one of you isn’t ready for total commitment. Mr. Right should make you smile through your tears and be a calming, not stressful, presence.

5. One of you is struggling with an addiction.
He’s sweet. He’s exciting. He loves you very much. But he loves his alcohol habit or his weekly gambling fix more. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can change him or that your relationship will be strong enough to withstand the heartache that addiction will inevitably bring. An addict may be able to change, but he’ll do so on his own terms.

6. You can’t really imagine him as the father of your children.
Ask yourself: Would he make a great parent? Is he financially responsible? Would he be an equal partner in your future together? If you have doubts, he’s probably not the one.

7. Your long-term, non-negotiable goals in life are incompatible.
You want kids; he doesn’t. You go to church every week; he’s an atheist. He lives in the country and doesn’t want to move; you can’t imagine ever leaving the city. Superficial differences can be overcome, but differences in basic values are harder to smooth over. Ask yourself: “Would I be willing to compromise on this?” If the answer is absolutely not, you may not be right for each other.

8. You don’t respect each other.
He puts you down in front of your friends and complains about you to his parents. You roll your eyes when he talks because there’s just something about him that embarrasses you. A relationship without respect can’t sustain itself.

9. You’re not attracted to him.
Physical intimacy is a hugely important component of a romantic relationship. If he doesn’t do it for you, he’s probably not your best long-term match.

10. On paper he seems great, but you have this strange feeling…
Don’t ignore your gut. You may get along on a superficial level, but if your instincts are telling you he’s not the one for you, listen. That little voice inside your head does not lie.

Source: Yahoo! Personals

Is Love Measureable?

29 January 2010

Well I would definitely say yes to this question. I know some will say that in love, you cannot count who loves who more. But let’s be real. You can see clearly by the way he treats you.

Let’s take an example:
Everyday you make drinks for him voluntarily.
But one day, you asked him to make drinks for you and he refused.
Isn’t it clear enough that he doesn’t love you as much as you love him?
Or maybe it means he doesn’t love you at all.

Don’t you think so?