A Grouposal: Mei Chen, Will You Marry Me? From Loke Hing Seong

8 November 2011
Now, this is new! On 8 November 2011, this guy called Loke Hing Seong proposed by posting a deal in Groupon Malaysia! So sweet~~ 
The content of the ‘deal’ is quite humorous too :p Read it from my screenshots and you’ll get what I mean. I’m quite sure he’s an IT guy LOL! This is how an IT person proposed:

And she accepted!! But… now she needs to go and claim the ring?
Or he will deliver it to her? Hahaha!
Anyway, wish them bliss and happiness! <3

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  1. Merryn

    November 8

    awww… now all da girls out there will expect something similar or better!!!

  2. Mr Lonely

    November 9

    walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

  3. Eric Lee

    November 9

    yeap…definitely a very creative way of proposing…damn man…he's now putting pressure on all unmarried guys…hahaha

  4. Merryn/Eric: Yea definitely! Guys cannot use this tactic already since it's been used LOL!

  5. Kelvin

    November 9

    This is so sweet~ (^_^)

  6. very sweet ey but i think this fella like wanna tell the whole world that he's proposing his girl… if that girl say NO then that's the funniest thing ever could happen! HAHAHA

  7. CuteBun

    November 10

    Wow!!! Sweet!

  8. Charmaine Pua

    November 10

    CleverMunkey: I guess nobody will know if she said no gua haha

  9. KY

    November 10

    gotta say this dude's pretty creative, no?

  10. Charmaine Pua

    November 10

    KY: Definitely! Love it!

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