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Pisces: The two fishes
Pisces: The two fishes
I know how some people don’t believe in horoscope and thinks that I’m being superstitious but I guess I know myself best right? A big part of me is influenced by my horoscope. Don’t believe me? This is an article I found from the web long ago that describes best about Pisces but I couldn’t remember where I got it though.


Pisces are the charming day dreamers of the zodiac. Existing somewhere between this world and a heavenly ethereal one, Pisces are sensitive and compassionate by nature. They seem to draw others to them with their kind, yet mysterious ways. They live for romance – if their love lives are well, then all are well. They love to be flattered and doted on. Learn this early on in the relationship and you may very well hold the key to their hearts. People born under the sign of Pisces are very passionate and enjoy lovemaking and acting out fantasies, as they spend much of their time in the world of fantasy anyhow. Pisces, while very passionate, also are very spiritual as well. You may think they have psychic ability for their uncanny ability to read others. Pisces are often said to enjoy “being in love with love”, so anything romantic – a carriage ride through downtown, a candlelight dinner, a long walk along the lake – will please them. Pisces also love to talk. They are interested in conversations about the arts, so if you want to hold their attention, brush up on your entertainment news. They also enjoy discussing other worldly topics such as the paranormal, magic, astrology, and the occult. They also love to be appreciated. Make note of the day of your first date. If you are still dating a month later, remember the anniversary. They love kindness and will not forget it. Pisces is a sign of mystery, but if you love a Pisces, remember to flatter them often. They will try to meet your needs for a relationship, but always be honest and upfront with them. If you are not, they may sense it and leave you.

Pisces Woman

Men will find a Pisces woman hard to resist. This may be because she is a mystical mixture between passion and fantasy. She can be very adaptable and will change herself to fit the image her man desires. She also knows how to make a man feel like a man. This enchanting woman is gentle, soft, and has an air of innocence about her. This does not mean however that she is naive. Pisces woman seems to have a sixth sense that tells them when people are lying or trying to deceive them. At the first sign that something isn’t right, she will quickly leave. A Pisces woman is often attracted to distinctly different types of men. She loves a man who is emotionally needy and will allow her to present motherly love and care for him. Yet, she is also attracted to the exact opposite type of man – one who is strong, that will protect and support her. Her love life is the centre of all that she is. If she is in love and happy, all other aspects of her life will be all right. And when she is heartbroken, nothing else matters. She may be seen as clingy and over sensitive at times, but men still love her. Her good qualities far outweigh the bad ones. This article is just so so true like a mirror of my heart! Do follow me via Twitter (@pualiping) and like my Facebook page to get latest blog updates first hand!


  1. Mr Lonely says:

    haha.. i am the one of it who does not believe in horoscope.. XD

  2. Danny says:

    Would like to add Pisceans love to socialize and get along. 🙂

  3. Diana Diane Teo says:

    I am Piscean too. And I like you, believe in horoscope. 😀

    Like you too, the above really describe who am I especially in relationship part 😀

  4. Charmaine Pua says:

    Diane: <3 we cannot run because we are who we are!

  5. Anonymous says:

    therefore it's the fishes causing the havoc sometimes….i'm of those fish too … 🙂

  6. JACINTA CHONG says:

    Very good reviews.Totally agreed with U, all the points U mentioned above are so so true!

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Hugs for you!

  7. April Cheong says:

    yes that is very true. I can confirm this hehe

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