Havan Clothing – Fashion with a Purpose

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I love it when couples work together towards the same goal in their career and life. And one of the perfect examples is Hany and Ivan, who combined their names together to create Havan Clothing.

Havan Clothing

Both Hany and Ivan loves connecting with children. Hany, who is a child counselor by profession, notices the importance of EQ and needs to teach children about it since this important portion in life wasn’t being taught in schools. She has been volunteering at Hiichiikok Foundation Shelter Home @ Sentul to teach the kids EQ lessons. The positive changes that was shown by the kids made her believe that these lessons are really useful and should continue.

Spread the Joy of Giving with Le Marché de Noël Bazaar 2017

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Le Marche de Noel 2017 Poster

When 10-year-old Radiatul Qaisaraa saw Queen Elsa’s blue dress hanging in the room, she could not believe her eyes. After urging from her mother, she reverently tried on Elsa’s diamante-encrusted ballerina shoes. Qaisaraa’s dream of “becoming” Elsa from the popular Disney animated feature film, Frozen, was finally coming true.