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Big Bad Wolf Books Sale 2012 @ MIECC

9 December 2012

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale is now happening at MIECC if you haven’t know yet. It has became talk of the town especially their operating for 63 hours non-stop during the first 3 days of the sales from 6.30am on 7 December til 9.30pm on 9 December.

Event details
Venue: Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC)
Date: 7 – 23 December 2012
Time: 9am – 9pm

I went there at 3pm but the road was very congested and it’s not easy to find parking. It’s better to go either very early in the morning or after 5pm cos I left at 5pm yesterday and the place has already cleared up.

The crowd at Big Bad Wolf Books Sale
The crowd at Big Bad Wolf Books Sale

There were a lot people but due to the large area, it doesn’t feel crowded. It’s crowded by 3 million books though!!! Afterall, it’s The World’s Biggest Book Sale! 😀

Funny message on the wall
Funny message on the wall

Buying boxes of books?!
Buying boxes of books?!

Many people came with luggage bags, paper boxes and recycle bags to reduce the use of plastic bags! A good move indeed! I also brought my own recycle bag =)

So what books and how many boxes did I bought? I’m sure I’ll get laughed at… I only bought 3. Total of RM 26 only. Why I bought so less? Cos bf keep nagging me and say I wouldn’t have the time to read it even though I buy a lot and he doesn’t wanna buy any reference books cos he can always Google it. But the truth is, he never did.

Only bought 3 books
Only bought 3 books

Since bf doesn't wanna read, I read and be a man lor
Since bf doesn’t wanna read, I read and be a man lor

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Worthy Book F&B Special Edition

27 June 2012

Hello guys!! Guess where am I now? It’s Malaysia food heaven – PENANG!!! Yes, I’ll be introducing them in my blog soon yea so don’t worry! Speaking of food, there are a lot of yummy food in Klang Valley now that I haven’t tried yet. Some are quite expensive and thus I’ll normally look for deals in the Internet so that I can try it at cheapest price possible. Lately though, there has been a lot of problems related not only to one deal site but almost all of them that made me feel really annoyed. I guess I’ll stay away from buying deals in the meantime until they improve their system.

As an alternative, I’ve got myself this book called Worthy Book that is full of F&B vouchers! Most of the vouchers will only expire on 31st March 2013 so I have a lot of time to use it.

Worthy Book

Love how they categorize the restaurants based on type of food

Some of my favorite vouchers include:

Buy 1 Free 1 – 6″ sandwich from Subway

Free drinks and discounts from Brotzeit!!

IMHO, the vouchers in Worthy Book™ F&B Special Edition 2012-2013 are really worth the price of RM 29.90 because the vouchers are worth much more than that. It’s available in all major bookstores like MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya and selected myNEWS.com outlets in Klang Valley. Alternatively, you can order from their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/worthybook or their website at https://www.worthybook.my.

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Key Points in How to Make Anyone Like You by Leil Lowndes

29 July 2010
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Part 1: Make Strangers Like You Instantly!
Chapter 1
Have a positive optimistic personality and confidence in yourself

Chapter 2
Speak and think from listener’s perspective

Chapter 3
Let your eyes stay in contact for a longer period with everyone you speak with

Chapter 4
Personalize your greetings e.g say why you thank them instead of just a simple ‘Thank you’

Chapter 5
Apply a longer, tender touch when appropriate

Chapter 6
Look at each person and let the smile slowly erupt from your heart